Enlisting as an Officer at the age of 30

Hi guys...

In the previous post on this forum and on army.mod.uk it clearly states that to enlist as an officer in the Royal Engineers you must be no older than 28 years of age.

Having just turned 28 I was hoping somebody might be able to shed some light on how I might achieve my goal of becoming an Officer within the Royal Engineers despite my age. I actually have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Leeds University, but I fear I may have left it too late to pursue this particular route.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks to all...

As the figures state, you are too late, old chum.

However, have a deak into your AFCO. Rules are only there to be broken. it cannot do any harm, and you're not going to find any official information on ARRSE, as amusing as it is.
There are still options open to you but not with the REs and I do not think lateral transfers are common (so you cannot join by another route and try and transfer in later).

You could still apply for one of the exceptions (AGC, RAMC etc) but these are tough to get and they may insist on relevant prior experience/skills. The TA or the other services are probably better options, where as has been pointed out the age limitations are higher.
Sorry, but for regular service you have missed the boat - The 28 age has recently been reduced to 26. From the Army website:

"Age: 18 years-26 years. However, current Army policy does permit applicants to enter the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) after their 26th birthday and before their 29th birthday in the AGC (SPS), AGC (ETS), AGC (RMP), RAMC (MSO) and the INT CORPS, or if they are a serving soldier. Higher age limit for professional or specialist applicants may apply."

Your other option is as a TA Officer. The age limit there is 35.
As Riflebutts quotes so accurately: ,...." or if they are a serving soldier."

If age 30 you've now made your mind up, you might consider enlisting in the ranks, work yourself ragged to get that first stripe within two years, then get yourself recommended by your CoC to go before Westbury. HOWEVER, that's an awful lot of buts, with absolutely no guarantees. TA seems to offer more for less risk. ( but still no certainties)

Good luck
Old Rat

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