Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by reverend_jim, May 7, 2007.

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  1. hello chaps.. i was searching the old interweb tonight, and i found this..

    could any one of you fine fellows enlighten me as to what this is??
    from the look of the rounds i would say at least 50 cal.
    many thanks.. reverend jim.
  2. it's a telescope with something attached.
  3. this is true, it has a fine scope on it,
    i,ve never seen one of these before, looks a fine weapon,
    U.S? BRIT? E.U?? i dont know..
  4. Dear Padre Jim ;

    And how are those troublesome piles? Better, we all trust . . . .

    Looks like a wildcat cartridge to me. 0.35in or a bit bigger bullet diam., maybe? Despite the ctg box, not a Federal factory load, I'll bet.

    Given a steady wind and a good sniper, it'll open a communion wine bottle at up to 1500 metres, I'd guess. Whatever, I'd far rather be behind it than in front.
  5. the swiss army knife looks nice. Missus has had a look and says it is a gun type thing.
  6. Strong Malcolm Cooper/AI Ltd. influence in stock design.

    Perhaps Anglo-Septic?

    Looks purposeful. Clearly designed for the out-of-the ordinary shootist . . . . .
  7. Too small for .50 cal -look at the penknife in front of the rounds...

    Heavy barrel - sniper or target rifle of some sort. i've killed many a man with lesser weapons...
  8. Your not a loner visiting the odd campus now and again?
  9. I think its an AWM Accuracy international in .338 Lapua...

    Nice toy.
  10. It's an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare model Sniper Rifle.
    Available in several variants. I would say looking at the rounds and the size of the chamber that it's not 7.62 but is in either .300 Winchester Magnum or in .338 Lapua Magnum. The latter model is in British Army service as the L118 but I think that this is probably a private purchase in 300 Win Mag considering the context. Definitely not 7.62 or 50 BMG though.

    I can't ID the scope I'm afraid.
  11. lovely looker IMO.. target rifle??
  12. i dare say it would!!!! :D
  13. Nope - sniper rifle. Stab may be right, but I think its a .338 cartridge. Its the standard Accuracy international scope on it - I think its a Schmidt & Bender...

    UK issue, and available to anyone else with an acceptable end user certificate...
  14. I'm no expert on rifles or rifle ammo but I know that's one helluva load in those cartridges. Must be very expensive ammo for match shooting.
  15. ex_stab - my missus has just read your signature and says that soldiers are only good with a soft boiled egg. And always up for a party.
    She has a message for you - just humour her.
    Missus: hello ex stab whats stab mean big boy??