Enlighten me, oh knowledgeable ones

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Firehorse, Sep 5, 2004.

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  1. Deleted at request of subject
  2. Oh yes, 'Eastie Beasties' are a breed apart..... well should be bred apart anyway. But full marks to the guy for finding one good looking enough to actually marry :lol:
  3. Deleted at request of subject
  4. Showing all signs of East German 'Logic'. They were always more communist than the Russians but couldn't understand why they had a bad name. Grasp the ecological ideal as long as it's only other areas that have to keep down their output of poisons to a reasonable level. After all they had a sh1t life for 50 years and everyone else in europe owes them a good life for the next 50! She sounds like proof that Mad Cow has crossed cultures :wink:
  5. Can I have her phone number? :D
  6. Deleted.
  7. Royal mail workers across the country shudder in fear.
  8. It was OK whilst they were only going to the FRD,but WE don't want 'em over here. ( is that nimbyism?) :twisted:
    Go for it . Give her one :twisted: