Enlighten me about the TA

What? Do the Regulars also get a sticker that says, "I've been brave at the Doctor's"
No it's not the same at least the medical's nto as you don't have to give your doctor a form to fill out for the TA but you do for the regs or at least I didn't.
I guess Line must have been seen on discount night!

I had to fill out forms and do basically the same stuff for TA medical as my Reg's colleagues (we were only discussing this last night funiily enough). Seems that the paperwork is pretty much the same for both as it's Army! That said I get the feeling that this is a variable in that the MO or his nurse does the paperwork in some places and get you to do it yourself in others.

Bottom line, they'll probably notice the guide dog unless you're very careful (or it's Scooby Do!).

What's the thinking behind the question 5? Are you looking for an in with something that you think/know would keep you out of regulars but hope might be missed for TA application or is this just filling a gap in your knowledge?

For the regulars you need to get your doctor to send away your medical records, for the TA you just fill in a questionairre about medical history and take a medical and have your jabs.

dont know if its changed recently but thats how it was. i stress that point because everything in the TA seems to be changing and coming more into line with the regs
Doctors are written to now, in order to verify the medical details and as part of the basic security check. ie the doctor exisits and so does the patient. You'll be surprised how many make up the doctors name and address etc :roll:
Possibly because they don't know who their Doctor is? I'm registered with the local practise at the bottom of my road and I don't know who he is...more to the point I've visisted him twice in 9 years, both times for vaccaitions details for Op tours and the army paperwork I had was more up to date..1

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