Enjoying Nicotiana tabacum

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    I enjoy having a smoke...and I don't care. I only have one or two little cigars a day and can go for a couple of weeks without lighting up so I don't consider myself an addict. But...what is a cool smoke, nowadays ?

    I know it's cheroots for the officers whilst the men have their pipes and the Spanish guerillas have those new-fangled, paper-covered, cigarette things (am I watching too much Sharpe ?) but recently I've noticed that the Henri Winterman cafe cremes are only lasting about thirty seconds and seem to taste a bit bitter (even the blue "cool" ones).

    Panther Mignon last a bit longer but tend to be more expensive whilst the little Hamlet "ten in a tin" things have about as much appeal as the candy cigarettes sold in old-fashioned sweet shops.

    Dutch Royal whatever, as sold in the local supermarket, lack any sort of character but have the advantage of being fairly cheap.

    Any advice on a pleasant small cigar that won't break the bank would be most acceptable.
  2. That could be the answer. Light up a bloody big spliff at the next O-Group, kick back and tell the CO, "whatever happens, happens man...."
  3. Its almost a crime to rush a good cigar, but I know where you're coming from, tempus fugit.
    Try Montecristo Minis, you can pick up 50 (5 x 10) for as little as twenty five quid, 50p for five minutes of reflective contemplation is surely good value in anyones book.
  4. Thank you. I'll look them out.
  5. Another advantage would be that you'd be guaranteed not to be on 'willy-watching' duty next time the CDT team comes around.
  6. Now that the Mess have banned smoking in public rooms, the occasional pleasure of a small cigar after dinner is now denied us. It's just not the same having to go to a separate, stinking room, or stand outside with the cigarette addicts.

    I now favour a pinch or two of snuff after dinner. A good tobacconist (a rare creature indeed) will have a large range from which to choose. I only buy very small amounts, as my consumption is so low, but large tins are available for those after the Eastenders-stylee no nasal septum look.

    A friend once brought some black Sobranie cigarettes to a dinner. Not unpleasant, but different.
  7. If you must smoke, only "proper" cigars are acceptable. The best are, of course, cuban but you can get some fairly decent ones from other parts of the globe. One thing good cigars are not though is cheap!

    The Montecristo minis sound like a sensible compromise for a chap like you but nothing less than a No4 is really a gentlemans smoke.
  8. I like mine rolled on the thighs of virgins, am partial to a decent cigar now and again too!
  9. I think you should ask Monica Lewinsky... she likes to show off a bit and may have some good tips on how to avoid that supermarket rubbish.
  10. " A chap like me..." Ouch. Must be the bottle of White Lightning that gave me away.

    I do enjoy a Romeo y Julietta on special occasions but don't you find sucking on a big one gives you a headache.......?

    Sorry, I've just fallen into a "Carry On" script by mistake.
  11. Smiths Snuff Shop, Charing Cross Rd if you're in town. The (insert deity of choice) of all things tobacco based. You're pretty much guaranteed to find something to your liking.
  12. If you find yourself longing for the old nicotiana but can't bear the indignity of being reduced to smoking with the ORs huddled in doorways then take a tip from the scary little blighters.

    The Gurkhas take a cheeky little tobacco called Kaini (must admit to not having a clue how to spell it) that is cut with lime and tucked in small quantities into the lower lip. Nothing better to keep you awake during long stags/O-Groups/shifts...

  13. There's no such thing as a cool smoke.
  14. Apart from that one you are not going to have, because the previous one was your last.