Enjoying a May Roast

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BoomShackerLacker, May 16, 2012.

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  1. been taken down now, obviously too emotive for the BBC to handle
  2. Looks like May's SPAD cut the power just as it getting juicy...

    In other news, BBC on PC Wibble: BBC News - Police could be disciplined if they fail fitness tests

    "The report found 52% of male officers in the Metropolitan Police were overweight, 22% obese and 1% "morbidly obese"."
  3. "It's a detailed blueprint. On fitness, for instance, Mr Winsor spells out exactly what exercises would be required under the more rigorous tests he wants to see in 2018 - crawling, stair-climbing, cone-lifting, to name but three."

    Versus ice-cream-cone licking...

  4. Spit roast? I'll errrrm.....hold your coats you ****ing sickos!
  5. The reforms proposed (re. Fitness test) aren't that controversial. However those services that waive their right to strike expect, rightly, not to face a drop in their terms and conditions.

    That's why Mrs May needs to tread carefully. Law and order is traditionally the Tories strong suit, if they're seen as losing a grip then winning the next election will be an impossibility.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well personally I think the fed are missing a really big and easy opportunity to prove the Tories as useless and crooks. The fact that the terms of the Winsor report are probably set to prove the only way to save money is to leave the non operational fat management alone (ensuring meek compliance and loyalty) whilst cutting the front line are possibly easy enough to prove and should be challenged in court as not independant. Winsor works for the firm of solicitors that advise G4S who are bidding for privatised police work in the east midlands.
    If the fed drop the ball here then the plod will get shafted and it will be their own fault!
    The chance for massive reform is here and it could after all be another political con.
    Govts of every hue have form for threatening massive cuts or increases in taxes then allegedly relenting and implementing seemingly minimal cuts/inceases. Look at the fuel duty escalator for a prime example of this trick.
    My money is on a massive turn around, cuts to senior officers and wholesale amalgamations and long overdue too!
    From Force to service is a joke as they certainly dont deliver what the public think they pay for so the public dont really give a toss if a fat copper is sacked for a bad back or loses his pension rights for being an unfit knacker!
    For the Govt its win win as the option is to give contracts to the companies that pay their bills!
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  7. did you seee on the news the little old lady who shouted at May as she left her car?
    held back by one protection officer, but how did she get past the security cordon in the first place?
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  8. I would liked to have seen plod at the conference just ignore her as she left and her walk out in total silence,that would have freaked her out more than the verbal abuse she got!
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  9. Fitness is simple,sell the extensive car fleet,get the lazy ******* back on the beat,that'll improve their fitness,they might like to attempt the odd jog now and then,which will improve it even more!

    I actually saw two coppers yesterday,first time in about 4 weeks,they had parked their van (at no cost),in Ashford Designer Outlet,and were ****ing shopping,cost effective policing,yeah right,no sympathy,I want coppers that will give Usain Bolt a run for his money,and I want them on the streets,I don't want chubby twats,that take size 40 waist trousers!

    Think about it,coastal erosion is shrinking the Island,we have more coppers now,than ever before,and we see less of them,where are they hiding! :meditate:
  10. I don't really like her, but it took guts to get up and tell it like it is. The Police need to stop whining and do what we pay them to.
  11. Is it cos he is black?
  12. Give them rifles and they won't ****ing need to.
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  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    There is no prescedent which calls for Govts to implement findings of enquiries, in fact there are more cases of them being overturned and new ones started. If cost cutting was the plan then starting at the bottom was the wrong thing to do. The rank and file Peelers no longer support their management, lets face it senior plod haent enjoyed the support and trust of their rank and file for a long time, Graduate entry destroyed that a long time ago!
    May could achieve all of the cost savings and more but it wouldnt allow privatised plod in the door which is where the Tory bank roll is coming from. Regionalise the forces, single HR, procurement and central services, do away with Chief constables, they arent needed!

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    IMHO, the Police Federation shot themselves in the foot with that performance - if someone's going to engage, the least you do is give them a fair hearing, whichever side of the political divide. Hopefully the head of the Police Federation will now be forced to sit in front of a banner saying "All policemen are racist pigs" - then maybe he''ll realise how crass he and his advisers have been.
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