enjoyed rma should i transfer to ramc cmt

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by newlynpirate, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. would this be good move for eventual civi job in ambulance service?any recent transfereys would be good to talk to re info on cmt course ,or any info would be great...iam 32 and a cpl.obviously not ramc
  2. go ODP!!!

    cos your RMA/CMT qual will mean furk all in civvi street
  3. Ignore him go CMT I hear 432's are still all the rage in Hohne. :D
  4. failing that, come to the grey side, train to be a nurse - job for life :)
  5. What age do they stop you moving around :?
  6. I know of someone who moved with only 8 years left.

    Depends how desperate they are, i suppose, so they may take you. QARANC may be different, thre is a four year training period after all.
  7. Go Grey, after 3 years in a civvi uni, get a qualification that is of use outside the wire, then find yourself 2 years down the line sat on top of a 432 doing the same job as a CMT but on POP STARS WAGES 8)

    Wee Man
  8. Couple of guys in my troop said it's really hard to get a place in the QA, they spoke of numerous people who got turned down even though they had some civvie nursing experience.
  9. Just keep trying. Use the chain of comd. Photocopy everthing. See if you can get an aquaint visit. It may take some time, it took me nearly 18 months to transfer they difficulty comes with selection boards and start times at UCE. Its worth it!!

    Wee Man
  10. It's no wonder, you treat it all as a resettlement course. Even on here, all anyone is interested in what it gets you outside. With attitudes like this is it any wonder that so many of you are being turned down, it's not what the interview board wants to hear.
  11. but thats what eveyone should be thinking of! Not everyone reachs the 'ive done 22 yrs and get a lump sum and pension' The current service person stays for 6 years on average at present.

    so people have to be a little 'selfish' if you like - and think of what they need for a decent life in Civ Div.

    Me - Im different as I joined already qualified.
  12. Im looking to transfer to become an ODP can i have some advice about this Trade, i'v read up on it and it does say its an " exciting" job etc, however when i joined the Infantry it said it would be forfilling career etc.... all iv done is tour after tour lol! replies on a postcard please!

  13. Yeah, and some don't even get to stay or convert beyond their VENG or SSC engagement. Depends on what the service wants, needs or is willing to accept!