Enjoyable Mess Night

Attended a nice Mess Night of USMC SF yesterday. Guest of Honor was MajGen Daniel Yoo, CG of MARSOC. He gave some very interesting remarks about MARSOC strategic plan to 2030.
Point Blur_Apr122019_191551-900x1261.jpg

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Cracking photos that, JJH. :-D A Tip o' the lid to one very busy Marine who managed to collect the set of XXth Century Asian Campaign medals. ;-)
Why have all those buttons when you're clearly unable to fasten them?


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And who won the Mess Rugby?
Was there cheese and biscuits? and have you guys mastered the art of passing the port yet?

Nice photos.

Keep up the good work
The port was passed much like it was in the last mess night I atte nded with the bootnecks! ;-)

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