Those things have got some range on them considering they're toys.


They've even a combat bulldozer at 1: 25
Typical, the moment I want to vomit, I lose my bucket.
What's the RLC chap doing at 1:25?

Seen, he's combat bulldozing :D

Fine figure of a man that. Bet That they were made up to get stuck with him at the team selection

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Airsofters are great, they pay my mortgage by bidding on all the items that the front line infantry should urgently be receiving but are on my Ebay account instead. The bulldozer probably brought a pallet's worth of rations packs (AS USED BY THE SAS/PARAS/COMMANDO'S) from me.


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Never tried it but i cant say i really have a problem with airsofters - it does them more good than sitting inside all day, especially in the case of (what looked like) the kids on that video.
There's a Air soft location in the Southampton area, run by a national company.

Mainly used by the student population, OTC's & youth clubs, according to the staff the amount of blind firing they witness is friggin scary.

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One of our Riflemen is a keen airsofter. ( AirSoftHead?AirHead?) While on H18 with 3 RIFLES he'd post pictures of himself airsofting...