Enjoy (sense of humour check)

Bwahahahahaha   ;D ;D ;D
Also available in 'RA' and 'RAC', check out the respective boards!
Best RLC piss takes seen in DJ Bks 1998/1999

Part of RLC badge (we sustain) proudly displayed outside new dhobi reading we .. stain

People's Popular Front of Trogir ( i.e. all non-RLC tps) subversive sticker campaign against X Regt snobs (snobs in the RLC? how does that work?).

RLC crest with new logos

'we're mundane' and  we complain marking out boundaries of X Regt morale free zones.

OK you had to be there- but it was funny at the time.

Any PPFT veterans out there??
Don't knock the effects of a large piece of machinery!

I did come across (not literally, unfourtunately) a young TA  lady who had this amazing look of excited joy whenever she saw heavy military hardware.

Being it was in Oman on SS2 most of the tanks/warriors/vehicles were at a standstill due to the sand/dust so she had plenty to look at!

She did seem to need a lot of fluid replacement, I wonder where she was leaking!
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