Enjoy (sense of humour check!)

At the expense of opening myself to frowns from the gunner officers.  How true is that.   i had to chortle (career laugh of course).


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I was going to make a comment but to do so would be to take the bait as I'm sure was intended!

GQ - I know where you live... :-X

AS YOU CAN WELL SEE ;D - See next post

Hope to see you soon
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On the subject of Gnr Officers, i did hear this one today;

what is the difference between a Gunner Officer and a Super Market Trolly?

The Trolly has a mind of its own!!!

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
As most of us know there is not much difference between the RHA and the mainstream RA regiments anymore.  You drag knuckles just as much as the rest of us.  Standards within the RHA are not once what they were you must agree with that. :)
Speak for yourself when it comes to dragging knuckles!

Are you trying to tell me that the rest of the Royal (Ordinary) Artillery do not aspire to earn their 'jacket' as much today as they did in yesteryear?  I don't believe it!

Upholders of all that is decent - The RHA.

PS - Is it true there are actually Batterys with numbers and not letters?
;Dso that why we've got more rodneys than toms lets hope they get a new ad out to get toms who like going awol, claiming depression and get every weekend off cos the cats ill
Has not really changed much in 30years then!!
I've always been quite amused by the seeming obsession within the Gunners of the RHA thing. No one in the rest of the Army has a clue what the difference is - frankly for the simple reason that there is no difference except in the minds of those people in it. I have never had a problem with Gunners - most of the one is have met have been good blokes - but I do find this aspect bizarre. To everyone else its like a bloke from Normandy telling us how different they are from people in Paris - they're all Frogs to us....
Quite right - it is all in the mind these days...having been both Horse and a Flatty, I can truly say that one AS90 Regiment is very similar to another, despite an extra middle initial.

In fact one RA regiment I was with tried very hard to be more Horse than the RHA and wer dubbed XX RHA at the time...

I am sure RTR officers can't see the difference between themselves and other CR2 regiments either though!

Amazingly, even in these enlightened times there are Gunner Officers who still think that RHA are more special - both those within the RHA and those in RA who wont go RHA because they fear that they will all be pompous ARRSEs.

Mostly those in the RHA spread the rumour of higher standards and exclusivity for a laugh - not too many take it too seriously.
Added: Couldn't of course comment on 7 RHA, who are different again and like to include 4 more initials in their title





And don't forget or they'll duff you up behind the bike sheds...
Fugly said:
Is this National "Resurrect the oldest thread you possibly can" Day?
Seems to be a bit of a trend at the mo... :roll:
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