Enitlement Appeal & MOD Bonuses

I am currently registerd as 70% disabled which I have had to fight for every step away due to a cock up at my Medical discharge with PTSD.

The cock up resulted in 8 injuries including serious fractures which have had an ongoing effect on my life. Through the help of my mental health team I appealed a recent rejection letter and was due to appear before a Tribunal on 10 Nov 09.

Having gathered all my evidence and was ready to fight yet again, when i received correspondence from them informing me that my case had been taken off the list and that it would now be heard in 2010.

Today i received a letter from them telling me that my case had been heard in my absence and that it had been rejected. To say i was angry would be the biggest understatement of my life.

Anyway once i had calmed down which was about 4 hours, i telephoned them for them to tell me they had cocked up and that i now have to appeal against my appeal which may or may not be granted.

I can certainly understand why these civil servants enjoy their bonuses, it must be given on the number of cock ups made during the month.

I dont really know what i will do now as I am totally dissapointed with the whole system geared to support us that are disabled as a result of service.

If anyone can recommend a good solicitor experienced in these thing who come really really cheap i would appreciate it.
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