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Enid Blyton racism row

Enid Blyton: Racism row over Blyton festival | Mail Online

This surprises me. May be I'm ignorant, bludgeoned into a state of 'not noticing it anymore' or both. I loved the Famous Five books but don't remember them as racist books. Far from it. The article mentions one example: "Don't leave any money around if there are any black children about as they will steal it". We could always put this to the test to see if she was wrong about that.....

Anyway it had me thinking about reading proper racist books and comics as a child in the eighties, Like Suske en Wiske and Tin Tin. May be I was fed so many wrong lines I didn't spot the more sophisticated racism in Enid Blyton's books.


(Translation: black man in the zoo asks Lambik if he can give him some food because he hasn't eaten for days. Lambik says he cannot break the law and points at a sign saying: "Do not feed the animals".)

Anyone else remembers comics or books which contained obvious racism or other things considered very, very, very wrong today?
This obsession with Gollies and Certain Words is brilliant.

As long as I don't wear a Robertson's badge or say the N word, the C word or the W word, nobody realises just how much of a racist I am. If only there was so easy a way to mask my loathing of gingers and mouthy birds, life would be just perfect.


Trying to avoid that paper's article, but Buckinghamshire's Free Press carried it. "Former librarian Kari Dorme says Blyton’s original works should be accepted for the time in which they were written - saying the stories have now been brought into line with modern attitudes". Mr Attention Seeker Architect wotsisname seems to be suffering from presentism or popularist preaching. Of course Blyton's works contained racism, the racism of the times. Do we need to hear the bleeding obvious again? Will he be demanding Blyton's books be burnt and amnesty collection points for racist literature? UK wasn't the only country to publish racist literature, remember Die Kleine Hexe (The Little Witch)? Such literature is testament to past times with lessons to be learned. Patronising condescendantes just add to it all. It's boring.

However, sometimes somebody makes a fair case
I don't see the point of judging historical literature and culture with contemporary standards. Calling PC on something written in the days when attitudes were very different helps nobody. Like it or not, in the 1930s when Enid Blyton was writing her stories, 90% of sub tropical Africa were living naked in mud huts or the equivalent. It may not be right now, but we can't just ignore/forget the past.


Golly, it's occurred to I that GWARs drive me to misanthropy. Not all of them, just the pant festering red pubed nutcases and ageing bints that plague my life. It's been niggering me for yonks.
No matter how much they legislate, if a large number of a particular race or religion are judged to be cunts by everyone who has dealings with them..... then the legislators are arseholes.
Ah racism....it's a minefield isn't it.
Some one send the entire african infantry man of the year thread to the papers so the media can see how civilised africa is these days......



Book Reviewer
They're picking on poor old Enid because she was a lesbian, the homophobic cunts.
A recent survey by YouGov indicated that 87% of homosexualists could not determine the racial origin of their Grandparents. Therefor all queers are Sicilian. As is proven my my dear friend and business associate Dennis.

"The Famous Five" have now been brought into line with current correct attitudes.

"The slightly better known than others but not in a way that makes them any better than anyone else in anyway shape or form five."

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