Enhanced Text Editor For Different Fonts, Colours, etc

While 99% of the time the basic editor is fine for posting, sometimes you may be looking to add a little formatting flavour to your post beyond the basic controls offered by the quick reply and basic editor. This affected me the other day when I wanted to use some bullet points for a kit list.

Normally clicking the "Go advanced" button next to the quick reply feature gives you the full WYSIWYG editor but at the moment it just seems to take you to another posting page but the editor is still the basic editor.

To correct this follow these steps.

  • Making sure you have navigated to the main forum.
  • Under the main site navigation there are some forum specific links. Click on "Forum actions" and in the submenu that appears "General settings".
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and under "Miscellaneous options" choose the standard or enhanced editor. Save your options and you will now have access to the extra formatting and also the smiley icon list again. :)

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