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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nighters, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I'm currently in the initial stages of joining the army (RE), and I have recently been to my local AFCO to gather information. Whilst looking through the brochures back at home and doing further research on the internet, I noticed that royal engineers can become 'commando and para engineers' and 'clerk of works' which can be viewed here under enhanced qualifications on page 22:
    My question is whether the trade you choose (e.g. electrician) facilitates a specific enhanced qualification in the future career - or do you simply volunteer regardless of which trade was chosen?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. firstly well done for choosing "gods" trade.

    you can volunteer for the two "sf" badges at any stage of your career but the earlier the better as vacancies taper down with promotion gained.

    you can apply/volunteer to be a "cone-heid" but you really need to be put forward for it from your class 2 or 1.

    lets hope you get in then.

    all the best.
  3. Cheers mate.
    Also, is it possible to become a commando engineer, and in the future go on to become a diver or clerk of works for example?


  4. im also in the same situation so thanks in advance for any information all x
  5. Yes you can become a commando engineer, become a diver and/or Clerk of Works.
  6. Billiam, I've just discovered this article whice i am finding quite useful:
    I know it varies with trade etc, but how long on avarage would it take to gain a Class 1 artisan trade qualification and a Class 1 combat engineer qualification, to be eligible for clerk of works? I ask this because I am interested in becoming a commando engineer and do a few years/operations in a field unit before going onto earn more qualifications.



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