Enhanced Palletised Load System (EPLS)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CH512O, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Some of you may know i have been working on the new Support Vehicle program for the past few years. Today i managed to get hold of the first into UK "DROPS type" SV.
    EPLS will be used on Operations only but it isnt a DROPS fleet wide replacement.
    Its based on the SV HX77 8x8 with a improved LHS to enable both flatracks and bare ISO's to be lifted and carried.
    Due to the design of the truck, having no rear windows, the Operator/Driver gets to watch TV whilst operating the LHS, widescreen as well!
    After a few practices, its actually quite easy to do using the cameras alone, (yes cameras, there are 2 views you can select).
    Have to say to Man at MAN, thx for lending me your truck, sorry about the 3mm of rubber i left on the test track and over-heating your brakes!
    BIG COMPANY! :wink:
    Screen in cab showing rack unloading.
    Mode selection console. Like DROPS but with a bit more.
    All in all, a much needed bit of kit.
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  2. Very nice. Lets hope it proves to be a good work horse as DROPS are getting a little tired now.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    You wern't going round the A1237 York ring road last week were you?
  4. Definitly not, it only came into the UK on Fri morning and went to Ashchurch. You may of seen a Cargo HX77 flatbed. Its being low-loaded at mo as there are no number plates and it technically belongs to MAN.
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  5. I passed the recovery version on the M40 on friday on the way home, It looks very impressive!
  6. Seen this in action it is very capable. Big improvement on Foden. But no more over-riding the system to get out that little bit more!
    If it says you can lift it, you cant, end of! :(
  7. Looks sweet, I wouldn't mind having a cabby myself, what's the chances of you passing Toronto in the next few weeks ?

    I'll buy you a beer or two !
  8. Im afraid your mil decided to buy Merc Trucks instead. Not bad but based on the ACTROS family so really its a heavily modified civvy truck.
  9. CH5120, i was wondering

    Is the container handling attachment better than the old DROPS CHU? and has the HX77 steering problem (turning circle) problem been addressed?

    Are the cameras well protected and operator proof or can they be knocked off easily? seeing as they seem quite integeral to the whole operation. i know you only uploaded a couple of pic's, but, is there a view where you can see the corner castings of the FR or ISO touching/leaving the ground, as this is usually where the inexperienced operator falls foul?

    What about tactical night ops? does the screen light up and destroy your night vision, it was hard enough for young operators when they could look over there shoulder at some knob shining a torch! coz i doubt they have had IRR fitted to a Loggie truck, or am i about to be shocked! i hope so 8O

    Cheers :D
  10. Any ballistic protection at all? Run flats?
  11. Loads of questions so apologise if i miss out....!
    The CHU, have to admit didnt get time to use today should do next week, looks easier than the old one. So ill reserve judgement till next week.
    Im afraid i dont agree with classing the HX77 having a steering problem. Yes the turning circle is bigger than what was required but this can all be sorted by training out the problem. Part of the solutions are rear camera fitted in all 77's, Fresno lens and additional training. MAN did try to sort it, but again as with other "problems", it would mean expensive redesign and longer wait for it to get into service.
    The cameras look fairly heavy duty, dont think "webcam" construction. If you have ever seen the CCTV cameras that go down drains then your on the right lines.
    Ill look for further pics but i was operating the truck and all the heads of sheds were taking pics of it in use so to speak.
    During "convoy" mode the cameras/screen is switched off. There is also a seperate on/off switch for them as well.
    There are IRR lights fitted. You mentioned young(inexperienced!) operators...if you are bonk at DROPS operating then you will need to be up to a good standard for EPLS.
    I requires you to be able to line the truck up in mirrors, then switching between 2 different cam views to offload or load. The "hard bit" of lining up the hook and hook bar is all done on the screen. This does take getting used to as there isnt much depth perception, but after a few goes i got it easy enough, but then im not a knob operator, or young! One thing though, the hook/claw space is bigger and the hook will fall out when offloading, so no more jacking the back end up.....like a knob!
  12. Without going into details, ballistic protection is included in both mine and blast. Run flats are used in all Operational deployed SV.
  13. Came across 4 fully loaded civillian low-loaders on my travels yesterday.. All types of vehicle that were there painted sandy colours, oh how my pants rocked! Thought i'd post that as low-loaders were mentioned so it seemed relevant to the topic. :D
  14. More pics with up close detail.
    The first pic also has one of the cameras circled.
  15. I give that shiny little telly in the cab five minutes flat, with three bods inside throwing around a gimpy, boxes of link and spare barrels.

    Dont want to sound all negative it does look good, i'm just going on the amount of glass we changed in six months.

    In some cases fitting new windscreens then seeing them smashed as the wagon was loaded for its next op.