Enhanced learning credits.


I have my ten year civvy allowance to use up. Three years of them wasted already though. How long did it take for the admin to sort itself out once you had decided on which course?

Was the course useful IE-opened up doors for a new career? I have seen the list of approved courses and get the feeling that many are just run by companies trying to make a few £££ of the MOD.
The course was/is an IT one which will give me A+, N+, MCSE and CCNA.
Which, to be honest, on there own are not good enough, you also need experience, which I will have over 3 years of when I am finished.
I cannot remember how long it took for the grant to come through, but if the company you are with is on the list, speak to them, they will usually be willing to wait.
Ive never seen a list of courses - as far as I know any course is OK if it getsa you a Level 3 qual and the provider is in the scheme.
You have to apply a minimum of 15 working days 9 give it longer) before the course starts and you get back the chittie i.e. the money within a week
Don't pay anything till you get your chit!

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