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Anyone know the rules concerning ELC, I have never used any, and am wondering do they accumulate over the years? For instance can I use them during my last two years as a sort of top up to do some extra resettlement course type things? :?
F*****ck me matey that was fast!! You plugged ino the net permenantly??
However thanx!!
Yes, I have a broadband connection hardwired into my arse. But you're more than welcome.

Do be aware that the rules were changed last year making it practically impossible to do courses outside of the EU (Diving is one example) unless you can prove it cannot be done within the EU.
Thanks for that fellas, enough silly stuff now , please.This is infact a serious question, its what I want to do after 22 years of service, yes a strange job you may say , but one inline with my hobby( hunting) and a good means of employment for me here in Germany.

Is it possible ................... pointed at you people out there who really know?
A mate of mine is off to Australia next week for 7 weeks worth of PADI courses and he is using his ELC, but it is as part of his resettlement so may be different rules
I thought ELC could only be used with specific providers? They have a little ELC 27 (or similar number) at the base of the advert/paperwork.

If he is on resettlement, it is more likely he is using resettlement money, which is a little less strict on use.

ie the RAF Girl who used it to train as a pole dancer.
chocolate_frog said:
I thought ELC could only be used with specific providers?
Only European ones seemingly. I sent off an email to a divecentre in Thailand (any excuse to go back really :D ) as I want to get my Divemaster qual sooner rather than later and this is the response I got back from the guys at Divesamui


We were ELC service providers until the MOD moved the goalposts making it virtually impossible for overseas outlets to participate; you will therefore need to fund any training outside the EU yourself.


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If you are interested in training for taxidermy, try putting these words in Google. You will find lots of options for courses.

However, to use ELC money, your course would have to get you a NVQ Level 3 qualification (or higher level) AND the provider would have to be in the scheme

If courses are not too expensive, you would be wasting your ELC anyway and you would be better to use SLC where you can claim back 80% of the cost to a max of £175.

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