Enhanced Learning Credits.

Any advice greatly appreciated. I signed up for the ELC scheme in 2004 and I have left full time service, but am now with TA. I want to claim my credits for my University course, so I approached my PSI who after a few weeks of harassment produced a photo copy of the form to apply for the dam things.

After quizzing he said he can't see how to claim them, as it states that they can be claimed up 8 years after leaving there must be some way of going about this outside of the system, but how?

Many thanks

As far as I know mate, you have to have been signed up for 4 years with the scheme to be able to take the ELC into civdiv and to be able to use them at all! SLC or standard learning credits are available straight away and as for TA well..... I am absolutely at a loss but I cannot remember TA personell being eligeble for the SLC or ELC scheme. I will stand in the corner if someone proves me wrong!

It is hard enough trying to get a decent claim in whilst serving so it's going to be a feckin nightmare out there.
Check if you are entitled to them, I think you are after 4 years like me n bee says.

If you are entitled to them you can claim them for up to 10 years from when you leave the army.

One payment of upto £1000 per year. But if you (say) only spend £750 then the remainder is lost to you. No multiple claims are allowed.
Thanks D_S once again a small legend!

Other two, many thanks, sorry should have mentioned that I had done 4 years regualr service so I am entileted to them.


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