Enhanced Learning Credits

Enhanced Learning Credits can be used up to 10 years after leaving the Army, however you will only be entitled if you registered for ELCs whilst you were in. For those serving, the window for registering was Apr 03 - Apr 04 but if you have not registered, I am afraid you won't be eligible. www.enhancedlearningcredits.co.uk has contact details for ELCAS, who run the scheme.
I left in Novemebr 2002 and just found out about the ELC scheme tonight.

It seems a bit of a travesty of having sat through hours of RAEC "Bill dan John" cassettes, my EPC and EPC (A) and managed the immediate aftermath of an ETS ND at SFOR Main at Lunchtime; that all I come out with 28 years later, is two parchment warrants , a row of NAAFI queue medals, a kit-bag, button stick and a pair of puttees.

( Civ in clothing store did not know what last 3 items were)
all my excellent mates were not on flick, but are the only thing I do not count as buckshee.

I suppose there is a small stipend, which was brutally slashed, because I had the temerity to resign

Is there anything that can be done to engage with this excellent scheme, if you left the Army before it was concieved??

The prospect of the veterans lapel badge, is of course a huge boost to morale, but the ELC might, just , be the enormous cherry on the small-but-perfectly-formed, enamel lapel badge cake.
Just spoke to the new in post ELC Manager at DETS.

V helpful but it looks like ther is now way this can be done retrospectively.

I'll try the British Legion for a view...
Sorry to rain on your cup cake, but former servicemen are not eligible.

ELCs are a recruiting and retention tool. They have also been massively successful because Ph1/Ph2 make sure that every sprog signs up along with PAX, ABF donations etc etc. This means it looks like huge numbers are intending to claim, but in reality most do not know what they have signed up for. This has scared the bean counters into putting further restrictions on what it can be used to claim for, and they have closed the gate on serving people who did not sign up in the proscribed timeframe for whatever reason.

I suppose there may always be mileage in trying to get BL to pressurise the system, but this would amount to a huge bill against the defence budget.

And don't blame your friendly schoolies, it is an MOD/DGT&E scheme.



Important to note-If you have not registered you have until 31/12 to do so - after that any late registrations will not be accepted.

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