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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by airborne859, May 17, 2012.

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  1. Advice please. I ve been out the mob for eight years (having served over 18 years). My question is: Can I claim Enhanced Learning Credits for a course I am about to do at College? If so, who do I contact to claim? Thanking you in advance.
  2. Look up your nearest AEC and ask them!
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  3. Make sure your course is as close to the value of £1000/£2000 as you can be. Once you have claimed that is it.

    A bit like a genie granting three wishes really.
  4. make sure its more than £1000, because you have to pay a % of the course, unless thats changed in the last couple of years! and if youre eligible than you have 10 years from when you left to use them.
  5. Mate I'm going through resettlement now and one thing I've learned is you can get a grant from the legion and it's quite a big one depending on what you want to do. Also if your going into full time education you can exchange them for your uni fees.
  6. I strongly recommend that anyone reading this notes that the link, despite the link text, is for a training provider of which there are hundreds, not the ELC website as linked by C-B-O above.

  7. Interesting... any links? I've noted a dearth of money coming my way for my intended re-role to teacher. Funds for PGCE would be gratefully appreciated!
  8. AB859 - If you left 8 years ago you would have been serving in 2003 and should have registered with ELCAS. If you did, you can claim up to GBP 1K three times until 2014 (as FF says, you pay 20% so the course needs to cost at least GBP 1250 to be worthwhile). If you didn't register with ELCAS, you've dipped.