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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Over4MeNow, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. Can some of the great and good advise on entitlement to ELC for those who have left the Service. I have an opportunity to take up a Distance Learning course but am unsure if I am still entitled to any help from HM Forces under the ELC scheme. I served 22 years and left in 2004. I have not requested financial assistance from the Educators before and was just wondering if there might be any available to me now.

    I seem to recall that ELC was available up to 10 years after leaving (wishful thinking I know) but maybe someone out there could offer up some pearls.

    Are there any other avenues to obtain funding other than ELC?

    Grateful for any advice.
  2. Thank you Sir!
  3. HI
    Elc can be used upto 10 years after leaving, there are two levels, first one is £1000, (under 4 years service) level 2 is £2000 for over 8 years service, courses have to be at level 3 or above, entitlement is 80% contribution up to the level of your tier, go to Elcas - Enhanced Learning Credit Administration System and just ask them there
    Example if a course is £2500, you will get £2000 contibution towards the course, if you are still serving, all the accomodation is paid as well as part of the package
    If you are about to leave, you can also use your £534 resettlement monney to pay your share
    UK Trades Training
  4. If you registered for ELC in 2003, the qualifying period of 4 years was counted from Apr 2000. So if you did, and you left after 1 Apr 04, you may well qualify.
    Call 0845 300 5179 to check your status.

    If you qualify, look at the web site for how to claim as a civvie. Elcas - Enhanced Learning Credit Administration System
  5. This is how you claim ELC if you have left the forces
    Procedure for Claimants no longer in Service

    the following information must be submitted to your Single Service Representative (address details below) a minimum of 25 working days prior to your course start date/registration date:

    • Fully completed claim form (section 1, 2 and 3)
    • Evidence of your last day of Service eg. copy of your discharge document, copy of
    P45 terminating employment, document stamped by regiment confirming leaving date
    • A copy of your driving licence or passport
    • A copy of a utility bill showing your home address
    • Full information about the course that you wish to undertake to inlcude details of your
    registration date where applicable
    • A copy of your Acknowledgment of Scheme Membership
    • A letter explaining how your chosen course of study will contribute towards
    personal development
    • Completion and submission of course evaluation form for all previous ELC funded

    Remember! If you are submitting your second or third claim you must complete your previous claim evaluation form.

    Single Service Representatives

    Personnel contact their Single Service Representative below


    ELC Manager NTE(ER2)
    Floor 3, Mailpoint 3.3
    Leach Building, Whale Island
    HMS Excellent
    PO2 8BY
    Tel: 02392 625954
    Email: mailto: mailto: FLEET-FOST-TAEL3RRESETSO3C@mod.uk



    ELC Manager, DETS (A),
    Zone 4, Floor 2
    Ramillies Building, HQLF
    Monxton Road, Andover
    SP11 8HT
    Email: mailto: elc@detsa.co.uk
    Tel: 01264 381580 or 01264 381565



    Learning Credits Administrator
    Room 24, Hunter Block
    RAF High Wycombe
    Naphill, Buckinghamshire
    HP14 4UE
    Tel: 01494 495957
    Flight Lieutenant Learning Forces - address as above Tel: 01494 495603
    Email: mailto: 22TrgGp-LrngCreditsAdmin@mod.uk

    Best Regards
    website UK Trades Training