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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by crazyeyes, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. I got a phone call from my admin office a few weeks back (Whilst on leave) telling me that i wasn't signed up for the ECL programme. I'm sure i signed up for it whilst at ITC back in 2007/ 2008 before reallocating and pointed this out, so i got told to pop into see the clerk once i once back to try get it sorted. Sadly the clerk finished clearing and left the army Friday and his replacement hardly know's what day of the week it is and doesn't have a clue what i'm talking about as no note was left for him.

    I looked on the website and it says I can't apply for the credits now until my 8 year point. Is there any way i can get signed up before then as i'm wanting to start an OU degree and the credits would be a great help to covering the cost.

  2. Crazyeyes, bad news I am afraid. You can only join the scheme in your first year after enlistment, or again in a 6 month window at your 8 year point. Assuming you have to wait until about 2015 to join the scheme, you then have to do the qualifying service which is 4 years to get onto the Lower Tier. So, that would be about 2019. The other option is to "prove" that there was a valid reason you did not join the scheme at ITC and then join late. Have others in your intake joined? May be hard to prove the point but good luck.
  3. The powers that be are currently running a "Streamlined Late Registration" programme for ELC, all units have been told to identify those who cannot be confirmed as registered for the scheme they are then to pass details to local ALCs to check, anyone who is found not to be registered will be asked to complete an application for late registration should they have any reasonable grounds, eg they thought they were registered during phase 1 trg, weren't briefed on the scheme or whatever applies, all cases will then be looked at on their merits and late registration allowed where deemed appropriate. Your admin office should have all the details, failing that contact your local ALC.

  4. Army Briefing Note ABN 16/11 now refers, have a look for it on the Intranet or your P1 orders.
  5. Speak to your local IERO. He/she is the subject matter expert, they will even be able to help you out with putting a 'plea' letter together which he/she will put in a supporting letter as well.

    I spent a couple of years in the resettlement world after I left the army and I never had a soldier turned down for ELC.
  6. We have just had a purge on this. The above is correct, you have untill next April I think.
  7. Brilliant, thanks for the replies guys!
  8. Exactly right i had the same problem. Spoke to my IERO and he directed me to the RAO who then drafted a letter up to the IERO and it all got sorted out.

    Really glad it did as its a lot of money to loose especially if you on the upper tier.