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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by yorkie79, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. alright fellas,
    ive been out now coming up for 4 years in september time, can i still use the enhanced learning credits i had whilst in? i remember seeing something when i was in however cant remember what it said about after you left

    thanks in advance
  2. ELC Website
  3. You can claim for up to ten years after you leave.
  4. If you've got proof of registration. If you haven't, forget it.

    (I did a claim last year for a VMWare course and ELCAS and HQ DETS(A) were about as much use as a crotchless chastity belt. It took a fortnight of phone calls (when they actually answered the phone) between the two to get the paperwork through.)

    However, just before the 2008 summer recess of Parliament the Government announced a package of cross-government support to Armed Forces personnel, their families and veterans. One of the strands of the Service Personnel Command Paper commits to providing Service Leavers (SL), with access to a first full Level 3 qualification (equivalent to two GCE A levels or vocational equivalent), or a first higher education qualification (a foundation degree or first undergraduate degree or national equivalent) free from tuition fees. With the current spending issues, I don't know how long this will last.
  5. Just been speaking to the JTEC Officer about ELC's and how all-singing and dancing they are. But if you read the small print, yes you can claim your entitlement up to 10 years after leaving the service. But it is only applicable if the former serviceman/woman resides within the UK, not much use to me when I settle down in Boxhead land in 3 years time. So to all those living abroad and haven't used their ELC entitlement, put your application in the paper bin.

    If there are any resettlement guru's who know different please enlighten me, but the JTEC Officer didn't know the answer and then looked through ELC criteria in front of me.
  6. If you havent got your certificate saying that youre registered for ELC then ring ELCAS (number on their website) and ask for it, they will fax it, email it or post it to you.

    As said above you can claim for up to 10 years after you leave, however, you will pay tax on the money that you receive once you are out of the forces and if you were lower tier (£1000) when you left the army, thats what youll stay on until you either use all 3 claims or your 10 years are up.

    Also the ELCAS list of registered providers isnt brilliant, for a new company to get registered they have to have been trading for at least 3 years and the last I heard ELCAS had stopped adding new providers as the list was full.
  7. Is it not true though that if the qual that you get is in use for the employment that you are in the taxman cannot get a share as it is for work?
  8. thats the first Ive heard of it, youd have to contact ELCAS to clarify that, you are (usually) taxed on it as it is classed as 'earnings'.