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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by The_Honest_Man, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi, Not sure if this is the right place! But would my ELC be able to be used to cover my traing to be a Driving standards agency direct access motorcycle instructors course?/

    Many thanks
  2. if you find an accredited company then yes
  3. As I understand the DIN, you could use ELC for this if

    You are in your resettlement phase (last 2 yrs of full service or have given NTT)
    The qualification appears on the National Qualification Framework and can be proved to be at least at Level 3
    The provider of the training is registered with ELCAS
    You are registered for ELC and are eligible to claim

    Chances are slim imo
  4. Codger, you are good!

    If you are not in Resettlement then you cannot use your ELC for this. UNLESS its in the interests of the service that you become a motorcycle instructor, but if its in the interests of the service then they will send you on the course so you wouldnt use your ELC for it.

    If you are in your Resettlement phase and you can find a registered provider who runs a level 3 or above/equivilant course then youre in.

    Youve also got to look at the cost of the course, if you are eligible for the lower tier of £1000 and your course is that or less, ELCAS will only pay 80% of the course cost (ELCAS does not pay any of the food or accommodation elements of course costs), so you will loose the difference between the 80% of course costs and £1000, same goes for if you are on the higher tier of £2000.

    You need to make sure that your course costs are either as close to your tier level or above it for it to be worth while.

    Also, if the course cost isnt that high and you wish to use SLC unless it is either a first licence or an instructors certificate, they wont authorise it.
  5. Check these out pal all off the Elcas site and approved providers

    1. Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services
    Provider Details
    ELC Provider: 1078

    Executive Driver Training Ltd T/A Fast-Trak Driver and Rider

    Average Evaluation Score 94% (from 33 evaluation form returns)

    14 Yeomanry Road
    SY1 3EH

    Contact: Mr David Palmer

    Tel: 01743 460460

    Website: www.livingyourdreams.co.uk

    Email: dpft@aol.com

    Summary of Services Provided

    Our company is a driving and riding related training company. Now in our fourteenth year, we provide vocational courses in the following subjects: 1. Traffic Management 2. Driving Instructor 3. Motorcycle Instructor 4. Diploma in Advanced Instruction (cars) 5. Diploma in Advanced Instruction (motorcycles) 6. Driving LGVs 7. LGV Instructor 8. Tour guide manager 9. Fleet management 10. Fleet Register training

    2. Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services
    Provider Details
    ELC Provider: 1397

    UK Advanced Ltd

    Average Evaluation Score 97% (from 3 evaluation form returns)

    25 Sheringham Drive
    WS15 2YG

    Contact: Mr Michael Wheatley

    Tel: 01889 803652

    Website: www.ukadvanced.co.uk

    Email: ukadvanced_midlands@ntlworld.com

    Summary of Services Provided

    3 Day NVQ Course - £295 "NVQ Level 3" This is an intensive introduction to Advance riding Techniques this course comes with a qualification NVQ Level 3 this equates to A level status, this is done through Oxon (ask for details) Advanced Instructors Course £1200 "The hard one" This course is divided into 2 stages lasting 6 months it is the most comprehensive Instructors course in the market place to date and so attracts a level 4 higher NVQ qualification. This is the way of the future in training…….Think you are good enough? Blue Riband Course £190 Ask for details having first completed a minimum 3 day advanced course. This encompasses all you have learned followed by a Test. (Recognised by the BMF). Slow Skills Day £75 "The teaser" This one is designed at honing those slow skills to make you more confident at slow speed manoeuvring, a fun enjoyable day with prizes.

    Hope these help ya

  6. This would be ideal for SLC (£175) or IRTC (£534) however, youll only get that if you are in resettlement. If the Army want you to do the course, they will pay. Not worth it for ELC. They would only pay £236, therefore you would lose £764 (lower tier) or £1764 (higher tier).

    Ideal for lower tier ELC, however, youll not get it if you are not in resettlement phase unless its in the interest of the service, if it is, they will pay so you wouldnt need ELC. Course lasts six months, if you are in resettlement youd only be able to start this course as part of your resettlement (max 7 weeks).

    If you used your SLC on the 3 day advanced course then youd have to wait until the next financial year to use another SLC for this one, or use some of your IRTC.

    Unfortunatley you cannot split your ELC hit between different courses.
  7. ive done NVQ assessments in my day and consider it impossible to achieve one in 3 days! The amount of paperwork, assessments and cross referencing that has to be done takes months.

    maybe a current nvq assessor can tell me different?
  8. Is this true? I thought you could use them any time you liked. Is there something laid down to inform you of this.

    Your reply is appreciated.
  9. You slightly cherry picked my quote there to make it look like you cannot use ELC unless you are in resettlement.
    You can, as long as you are registered with ELCAS, use ELC whenever you like (you must have at least 4 years in the scheme and the course provider must be a registered provider), however, unless you are in resettlement or you have left the services, the course that you wish to do must be in the interests of the service.
    [quote="2008DIN07-1042]The proposed activity must be of direct benefit to the Service[/quote]

    You cannot use ELC for:

    So if your unit wants you to be a locksmith or a motorcycle instructor then the unit must pay for you to do it, rather than you use an ELC claim.
  10. ok thanks for your reply.
  11. The chap who works across the desk from me was on an NVQ Assessors course last week. Started Mon afternoon, was done by Fri morning although they strung it out until lunch. NAAFI breaks were rather long also.

    I don't know how they did that quick. When I did my assessors course (about 3 years ago, although different subject to him) it took WEEKS!!!

    By the time the candidates had produced all of their evidence, by the time accredited prior knowledge had been verified, by the time a few 'on the job assessments' had been completed, that was weeks of work. I don't know how his course managed it in 3½ days worth of work. :?