Enhanced Learning Credits - What is the point ????

Ok this is more of a rant, but wish to see if anyone can explain this one.

ELC's are available £6000 per Soldier, upto 10 years after service.

Yet I decided to use the ELC on an approved skilled course (on ELC website also)

but it was declined for "According to JSP 898, the proposed activity has to be of some benefit to the Service. If you were in Resettlement already there would be no problem. As you are still serving you will not be able to use an ELC for this course."

So what is the point in these course's ??? They should be taken off the ELC and put under Resettlement ?

The Course I was after is a stepping stone to a bigger picture, which takes years of experience to achieve !!!! :pissedoff:
Yes, although the JSP states it must be of benefit to services etc, seems like a load of red-tape ridiculousness. have you been to see you education officer or equivalent and explained - if it fits into your personal development plan I can't see what the problem would be. Especially if it is listed as one of their accredited courses.

Study Meriting ELC Support. Study attracting ELC support might include:
a. Study towards first degrees (including Foundation Degrees).
b. Study towards postgraduate qualifications, including teacher training.
c. Other academic study, such as AS/A level study, Higher Education Institute access courses, or foreign language study.
d. Pursuit of professional self-development in addition to that provided through Service professional training.
e. Accreditation of prior learning assessment fees, including accreditation of Service professional skills, leading to partial or complete qualifications providing there is evidence that the individual has produced new, original work (See Para 26b);
f. Vocational courses, providing there is direct benefit to the Service.
g. Examination fees in respect of types of courses listed above, whether preceded by course fees or not.

As always we write lots of procedural crap that contradicts itself. So if if your self development includes vocational quals then you can't do it? Awesome.
Anyway, hope it all works out, and the idiots in charge let you do the course.
Desktop Commando,

How far away from 'Resettlement' are you? If you have Resettlement master plan that you want to get started on now, have a chat with your local IERO, see if you can get his backing. There is nothing that says you can't start resettlement now. See if JSP 534 has anything about starting your resettlement before the usual two years prior.

I'm 7 years away from it :) but if anything happens in Feb possibly closer, this course is run a certain times of the year, so wouldn't happen if in resettlement, I'd be ripped to pieces on here if I stated the course :) :) :)

But its something that could benefit the forces in a ish way, I did receive my "not happening email" on Friday so will try on Monday to argue my case :) cheers

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