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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by the_matelot, May 29, 2008.

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  1. I've given up on the idea of doing an MBA at the moment as a) it's too bloody expensive and b) it wouldn't be current by the time I leave the mob (11 years to go).

    I'm looking at doing a Postgrad Cert in Conflict & Development and a Postgrad Diploma in Social Sciences which will give me a MA Social Sciences which consists of 6 modules in total (all Open Uni modules).

    Does anyone know if I can link an ELC in to pay for the entire Postgrad Cert or Diploma (ie first module starts in Nov and finishes in Apr, second module starts in May and finishes in Oct-Postgrad Cert completed) rather than using an ELC for one module at a time? If someone can confirm that this is doable, I can obtain a MA using 2 ELC's and a personal contribution of £840 which will make me a very happy chappy :D .
  2. it is do-able, but the financial year and the university year start and end on different dates.

    You would need to submit an ELC for the modules that start and end in each financial (ELC) year. So you wouldnt be able to claim 2 years worth of ELC for modules that span the 2 years.

    you could claim your first installment for the Nov - Apr (as long as you finish before the 31 Mar) and then claim a second for modules that start after 01 Apr.

    Hope that helps
  3. Alternatively you can apply to do an MBA as part of the Modular Masters Programme. If you look at the DIN it lays down the priority for uptake to post ICSC Majs, then Majs and downwards untils the allocated spaces are filled. There are currenltly JNCOs that have taken the most of this, as a lot of the post ICSC Majs dont think they have the time in their initial staff jobs to do it.

    As to the value of an MBA - it is currently the difference between getting a good job in the city and not. This has been the case for the last 15 yrs or so and is unlikely to change.

    I am currently doing an MBA as a part of the MMP - feel free to PM me if you want anymore details.
  4. M_o_B,

    Cheers for that-I did see the DIN and I contacted the relevant guy but I also stated in my original post that I didn't want to do an MBA due to the fact it would not be current by the time I leave the RN if I do my full time.

    All I need to do now is talk to an education bod who isn't an up his own arse retired Lt Cdr who isn't very helpful to SNCO's!
  5. Looking into this myself and i've been digesting the contents of the ELC website for the past couple of hours!

    Quote directly taken from the current ELC DIN - publically available on the ELC website,

    i. Only one ELC claim will be permitted in a particular financial year (1 Apr - 31 Mar) and it must directly relate to learning that commences during that financial year. However, for longer courses of study such as degree level where the academic year is out of sync with the financial year it is permissible to use one claim for several modules which count towards a continuous and recognised block of study which may extend into or start in the subsequent financial year. This would allow an individual to claim the equivalent of one year full time study at degree level against one ELC.

    This suggests:

    a. You can claim for a module as long as it STARTS in the financial year (in the DIN the word /commences/ is in bold and underlined).

    b. A combination of modules can be claimed on a single ELC claim even if the start dates are spread over two financial years as long as the modules combine towards the same recognised qualification.

    According to this I would say that you would be able to claim for both modules towards a PG Cert/Dip on a single ELC claim, however, i'd go and see your local ed officer to confirm.

    Hope this helps.

  6. That said, IIRC the OU life their qualifications at 10 years. So you could start the MBA in a year or so's time - it's three and a half years linear but you take your time and complete your last module at the same time you discharge from the Navy. So it's very up to date. Howzat?
  7. I have a question on ELCs which someone might be able to answer, I'm probably just being thick. It is regarding the rule saying I can claim up to £2000 per year but I have to pay 20% of my ELC cost.

    Does this mean I only really get a maximum of £1600, or if I took a course that was £3000 and I paid £1000 myself, they would cough up the full £2000? Any ideas?
  8. You would get £2k if your course cost £2400 or more.
  9. hello all,

    I linked three level 1 OU courses for a FD (ICT) to my first ELC claim 2007-2008. The costs of the courses came to 1205 and got the full grand from the system. The OU where very helpful and seem very happy with dealing with the forces. The excess cash I pay off through a OU student budget account on monthly direct debit. I even delayed one course after I had registered so it would start just before the end of the forces financial year.

    Im going to use a SLC for my next module this finanical year, then a couple of Level 2 courses on my next ELC claim.

    Good luck with your study and the future!

  10. Cheers matelot. Being as tight as a gnat's chuff, I'm determined to make every penny count.
  11. I've just taken up this option. MSc starts Oct; ELC submitted and approved. It works! Although I wish they would pay for the whole thing !! :)
  12. See article in this weekends 'News of the World' re: ex-service Perosnnel and free courses... etc Might be an idea to investigate this... MBAs not sure off?