Enhanced Learning Credits for my better half?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by G_O_L_D, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know if i am able to claim for Enhanced Learning Credits for my wife? Shes has seeked information though the "adult learning Centre" and most of the courses are over a £1000 ! thats she wants to do, I am currently not even claiming half of what i am entitled to from them so am I able to claim for her seeing as shes my spouse? Any information good or bad would be grand!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Try emailing elcas through their website. have had similar type queries answered in a fast and timly manor by them. Very helpful. The web site can be found via google and the emailaddress is on the site

  3. No. ELC are for serving soldiers and soldiers who've left the service. If she's a civvy then no chance.
  4. FiveAlpha is correct, registered serving soldiers and registered ex-servicemen for up to 10 years after they have left. 3 bites at the cherry, £1000 lower tier and £2000 higher tier.
  5. Ive been out (of the army, not closet before the gay jokes start!) for over a year now. I signed for the learning credit thingumy-bobs. I had no idea that I can still claim them though. Whats the criteria for claiming?
  6. Try using them & see what fun you have then.
  7. Ive used them. Had no problems at all
  8. unfortunately once you are out your ELC is taxed, while youre in the Army pays the tax on it for you.

    As long as your course is level 3 or above, claim form reaches ELCAS at least 15 working days before the course starts and the provider is registered (and of course you are registered) with ELCAS you wont have a problem.

    Dont forget to fill in the evaluation form after the course and return it to ELCAS or you wont be able to claim again.
  9. Well bugger me with a pitchfork I must have glossed over the tax it when you are out bit, and there was me thinking that the gubmint really wanted me to educumicate when I was out, is it income tax or VAT on the course.

    Edited due to touch typing not quite on target yet, dam these fat fingers
  10. I believe that it is classed as income!
    P&P bulldog?
  11. There was me thinking it was to better oneself.
    And yes P&P should be on
  12. Taxed?

    I heard it was possible to claim to tax paid for a course that is being done to improve career prospects?
  13. just come off the phone to ELCAS, rang to get confirmation on the tax thing, once you are out your ELC is taxed as it is counted as income, they are unsure of the rate and you would have to consult the HMRC as it would depend on your earnings.
  14. So 23% and upwards being as the Badger of the Exchequer did remove the 10% rate.