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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Tiddle, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. Good evening all, I’m interested in doing an Installation electricians course with my ELC (lower tier) whilst still serving (Preparing for civi straße nice and early!) so I can use my resettlement and ELC higher tier for better / more advanced quals when the time comes.

    First off, what are my chances of getting time off for a course that’s not directly related to my current trade? (Busy Inf bn so I’m probably pissing into a force 9!)

    And has anyone else gone down the sparky route, good, bad, terrible? What sort of sparky qualifications are good for getting into a new career in your late 20’s?

    Thanks all!
  2. I would be careful of doing such a course so early. How long do you want to stay in?

    I think they are on to 17th Edn now, if you are staying in for a while you may find your qualification becomes worthless or outdated.

    Perhaps other courses are available using ILC that will not become dated. Then you can bang in your ELCs later.

    Also, you would need to practice such skills in the civvie arena.

    As for your Bn, you could tie in the course for POTL or similar. If you are in your late twenties you must be coming up to REN leave.
  3. I intend to sign off around april / may time next year...
  4. 17th edn then mate, and domestic installations (iirc).

    Some gas and plumbing may come in handy. And I have also been informed that solar is taking off.

    Quest, Pathfinder are good places to start for info.
  5. My only concern is what are my chances of actually getting a job in a market that will be filled with young lads, just finished apprentices and with 3/4 years experience and with Polish immigrants willing to work for buttons where as I will be paper qualified up but with no practical experience.

  6. I reckon it's only a matter of time before the Polish guys (many of whom have a far more professional work ethic than our own mob) succumb to the lifestyle changes, spend a bit more and put their prices up. That could even things back out again, market forces and all that.