Enhanced COPF how much can an individual get?

I am hoping some one will be able to clear this up. I am running an AT exped on behalf of my unit, initially I was told I would get 100 pounds a head but now I am being told the rules stipulate that each individual can only have 31 pounds (the amount allocated per head by the powers that be). I can't find anything written down about this can anyone clarify? It makes a big difference to the guys as it halves there personnel contribution.



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I think that's about right. You could ask for PRI contributions, and if the guys are part of the Regt'l Assoc you may be able to get some help there as well.
The 31 quid is the sum per head that is used to calculate the total amount of ECOPF allocated for a unit. It is up to the CO / Fund Manager how much is allocated to fund events etc. So you could have more than £31 pound per head authorised to offset the cost of your AT in theory. It’s really up to the CO. I would say that £100 per head might be a little too much but depends on the type and cost of your AT really. And of course how much your CO is willing to give you. Plus what Legs said.
And don't forget those who are members of the SportsLottery can ask for fund, plus there is your local SO2 AT who might offer you support.

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