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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by walsh, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,
    Just a query from a journalist - Channel 4 News again, Nick Paton Walsh - asking if anyone recently deployed to Afghanistan knows if UK forces (or NATO forces under UK command) are using enhanced blast devices? AT4s, probably, shoulder launched. Or perhaps new warheads on hellfire missiles on Apaches?
    Any info much appreciated... Nick dot walsh at itn dot co dot uk
  2. Nick

    Given that such information is very likely to involve operational security it's one you should be directing at the MoD.

    You may have seen the large and unweildly thread on the new DIN dealing with the Forces communicating defence information to the media.

    I refer you to it for further guidance.
  3. Search for AT4 on the wiki, and I'm sure you'll find out which nations use them.
  4. thanks. but what I want to hear is from someone who's seen new AT4 enhanched blast in the field since 06... questions, questions, but the MoD says it's not happening...
  5. Then that's your answer, feller.
  6. Nick,

    Firstly: full marks for coming clean, admitting who you are and asking a direct (and specific) question.
    Secondly: "nul points" for expecting any sensible or authoritative answer on what is clearly an operational matter.
  7. I think I saw them used.

    In the last triple x movie
  8. Nick,

    To think that I once thought were an okay kind of journo.....

    You just dropped gazillions of points in the arrse register mate.
  9. do I see you exercising self-censorship?
    no other way of asking that question mate.

  10. Ah, is that what you where after?
  11. This site has always exercised self-censorship on matters of operational security.
  12. Aren't you the slippery one Nick?

    'Speak to MoD' is the answer you will get time and time again.
  13. Nick,

    This really is an OPSEC issue, as it relates to Defence and equipment or will almost certainly be judged as one since the new DIN.

    The guys simply cannot answer such a question. You really will have to go back the the MoD cell that deals with such enquiries.

    Or spend the afternoon on YouWeeChoob.com

    You may be better off asking the Dutch Ministry of Defence this question?
  14. Indeed. The Dutch would probably answer it.
    You can't have it both ways: the same transparency that relates to PTSD rates etc should apply to things like this. We're not military, so their restrictions are there for us to run in to, rather than delicately adhere to.
    And even I know what a Choob is.
  15. Nick

    Surely someone like you, a journalist for a proper grown-up news programme, should realise that even if such things were already posted in the public domain, the folk here who might know the answers are subject to some swingeing penalties if they talk about it to you.

    To conflate this question with one about PTSD is slightly unfair. PTSD rates are not the really same class of information as questions about the tactics and weapons possibly being used in combat operations against an enemy.

    If you ask me to explain why, I don't think I can do it succinctly, but I know, as do most here I suspect, that one is probably open for debate and the other is something we would tend to keep quiet about until the news is officially released "after the battle".

    You'll recall the hoary old tales of the OPSEC breaches by the press in the Falklands. Whether they are, or are not true, is almost irrelevant. They are a condign example of the old phrase "loose lips sink ships".