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I think it's about time that the UK started living up to its UN responsibilities.  After all its the UK and the other permanent member states who decide when, where and how the UN get involved in other countries affairs.  Ok you have the non-permanent ones, but they just get bullied by the US.  

So the 5 permanent members are quite happy to stick their noses in everywhere as long as their boyz don't have to go.  Therefore most UN forces are largely manned by third world country soldiers, who use the money they get for their soldiers as an extra income.  Then ofcourse the UN ends up with a poorly trained, motivated, supplied army to achieve very ambitious plans.  Is not surprising it always goes t*ts up is it??

So in my mind we have 2 choices, either get stuck in and do the job properly (ourselves) or don't bother at all.

I'll go to the congo, (as long as they've got rid of that big snake.)

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