Engraved Brass Name Plate

Anyone know where i can get a brass name plate made up for my Wooden Desk Diary ive just had made, been on google etc etc and been to afew websites but cannot find a military one anywhere,

Pictured below, Just usual engraved brass plate with RLC cap badge either side of my name!

Anyone got a ideas on where i can get such a thing? any suggestions would be grateful,

thanks in advance. :D


Why the need for the name plate, dont you know who you are, you have got to be a SSM.
Friendly armourers usually do all the engraving. If you have none, high street trophy shops or some key mint places may do reasonable jobs.

Thats a weird surname youve got there.
Ah bless, the boy done good and now he's been given his first desk. Are you, by any chance, less than 5'8"?

You want someone to waltz into your office, and instantly feel taken aback at how important you are? Here's a link that'll help;

jarrod248 said:
I have my name on my room door that way people know which is mine. I can't see a reason to have my name on my desk - besides it faces the wall.
Having your name on your door would let a visitor know who resided there, in your absence. This guy's just trying to feed his ego. I've known many who've done it, and they've all turned out to be small time fucktards.
Do you know Skint you're onto something there. I've just recounted every cnut who's office I've been "invited" into and they all had the big shiny "look at me, I'm fcuking great I am" name plate on their desk.

Funnily enough, it also shared space with a wooden stand that their pace stick or cane rested in too.
In my absence I use a post-it note, usually saying "in the shitter".


War Hero
Why have your name on the desk? If I walk into someone's office who i don't know, i ask them.
I think he wants people to know who he is, because he might be really important or is it just full of self importance

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