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I intend to go to a careers office soonest. But before I do, I was hoping to find out if it was possible to apply to be in an Air Corps Regiment or the 7th Air Assault Battalion if you have the qualification of an aero engineering degree ?

Much appreciated!


If you go the officer route, get selected at RMAS by REME as your Corps you will probably serve at both types of unit more than once. Many of your postings will be elsewhere though, not specific to engineering nor aircraft. As a REME officer you would do an Officers Long Aeronautical Course (OLAE cse 7 mths?) regardless of your degree a few years into your service and have to prove your competence before you could be let loose to make meaningful engineering judgements on aircraft airworthiness.

If you go in as a soldier you would train as either an aircraft technician (mechanical stuff & airframes) or an avionics technician (electronics). Whilst an aero degree will help somewhat if you go the soldier route, it may be a wasting your degree in terms of your initial pay and status. Your student debt would be paid off quicker and you can get higher up the rank ladder quicker if you can do well enough to get selected as an officer - if that is what you want of course.

You need to match the academic achievement with good personal qualities, common sense, leadership potential, fitness, good attitude, initiative, have a team ethic etc whatever route you choose.
So, taking the Officer route, would I be able to right away do the Long Aero Course following Officer training?

So being a REME officer (coming out of Sandhurst) you'd not be working with engineers at first? What do you mean by "serve at both types of unit" ?

Thanks okimato for your help!


After RMAS you would go to a REME Battalion as a platoon commander, which could be one of many units and include 7 Air Asslt Bn, but not guaranteed to aviation based. You will have various career course elements to do too. You may have a second posting as a senior Lt as a Pl Comd in say a basic training unit where you would lead recruits. At the end of that is when you may be given the opportunity to attend the OLAE Course (2 -3 years after RMAS I guess) and become competent as an air EngO. Provided you pass you would go to an aircraft specific appointment either at 7 Air Asslt Bn (A fully REME 2nd line, deeper repair organisation) or at an Army Air Corps Regiment Workshop (first line unit, part of the Regiment that does more immediate repairs). This is what I mean by both types of unit.

After this you could do a variety of roles as a senior Captain such as staff jobs in an HQ, running your own LAD/Wksp (not necessarily an Avn one, could be tanks, infantry, signals, logistics, engineers etc). You will most likely dip in and out of aviation roles. In your first 10 years of service don't expect more than 5 years to be aircraft related.
In layman terms Officer...management...regular hands on trade, Okiamato spot on...... if you are a hands on wanting to use your trade skills you can progress as Regular side and go Artificer later on (excellerated promotion) and go for a LE cammission later in life.

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