Englishmen to be recruited to man the 5 Scottish Battalions

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by nark, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. d\svzf
  2. Feck me the English have their own army?they never told me Taff or Paddy that when we joined :D
  3. Shouldn't this have been done on the 1st April?
  4. Quote.
    young Englishmen are now going to be coerced/blagged into joining the RRS.

    Thats the Officer ranks filled still a waste of young Englishmen though.
  5. What jocks do not want to join the "English army", more to the point, when was this new army formed?
  6. Considering when I attended ADSC a few weeks ago I was one of three "jocks" within the 60 on the intake. To my astonishment half of them wanted to join the RRS. More precisely the 4 Scots seeing as their barracks is in Germany I reckon they seem to take to the idea of being posted abroad. Very coninsidental that they precisely all wanted to join 4 Scots. Surely not just to be posted abroad? No surely not.

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  7. Tell them rat packs contain deep fried Ketamine. You'll be knocked over by the rush of Neds.
  8. Aye, half of SCOTS DG are either Fijian, South african Welsh or English! Not many Jocks any more! English lads are getting sent to us, so its not even confined to Infantry! However, I dont beleive its due to a perception of the "English army" that jocks dont join up.
  9. Yep, as i said earlier half the guys at ADSC were joining RRS and the majority that was left wanted Scots Guards. Then again the 3 Scottish lads there wanted Para's. :-/
  10. Thought most of the English bns were undermanned?
  11. What wrong with "Mash" men in our Bn's?.....We have loads in our (TA) Bn's...nowt wrong with them..... :)
    One of my Sgt's is off with BW 3 SCOTS and he is from Plymouth (Crackin lad and good SNCO)...
    Fu.cking glad to have him.. :D
    dont care where good "Jocks" are from as long as we still get them...

  12. Not too sure but apparently the 4 Scots is the most undermanned in RRS. According to my m8 that said they had a battalion photograph not long ago.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Most are to some degree or other, but the recruiting pipeline is still open.

    The last brief I attended suggested that the flow from the recruiting pipeline from north of the border had slowed to a trickle, and so the undermanning problem would become even worse if action was not taken.

    Perhaps this is that action?
  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Nope. R Anglian, RIFLES battalions already looking good for starters. PWRR should be fully manned this year.
  15. Good to hear.