Englishman defends his part of Wales

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slick, May 24, 2006.

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  1. FFS 4 drunken yobs feel they can take on a 71 year old pensioner and the police prosecute. Even though the drunken yobs have fled the scene, bloody typical..
  2. Pity Tony Martin wasn't having a sleepover.
  3. Should have used a longbow especially if from Chester. Bloody trogs deserve a good kicking anyway, and thats from someone born to the south of Brecon
  4. ...heard that one before, officer?
  5. Shame he wasn't shooting the w@nkers with a 12 bore!
  6. lets find this pensioner and give him an over/under with some Rock salt loads


    Rincewind isnit
  7. it took two men to "restrain" a 71 year old? christ, hope im that fit at 71 it takes two blokes to restrain me from a fight!
  8. sorry, only one fella, but still the pensioner must have put in a good effort!
  9. Well it was a Welsh bloke trying to restrain the 71 year old.... must have been pumped up on steroids.....
  10. If North Wales police can send a posse of Detectives to London to investigate Blair saying Fcking Welsh b'stards, why don't they treat these allegations as racially motivated.
  11. .

    Seems racially motivated enough to me.
  12. Except the chap in question is white and English so he doesn't count.
  13. yes of course you are right..you have be coloured/illegal immigrant/asylum seeker before you can claim racism. How silly of me.
  14. Drunken Welshan are rather scary when they start going on about how the hate the English my dad and I were refused entry into a pub in North Wales last year because we were English. Bunch of sheep fcukers.