Englishman abroard

I have stuck this post, or one like it, in the officer section as well, but this area is perhaps more appropriate. I am applying to be an infantry officer, and hope to be sponsored by a Scottish regiment through the RCB main board and beyond. I like the regiment's heritage and traditions, but am worried I might come in for some flak for being English. I don't expect Army life to be easy, but am I making it even harder by doing this?
To be perfectly honest, it hasn't stopped anyone before you.

My only advice on joining a regiment, is to look around to find out where you feel you fit in, and where you are wanted. There's little point in joining a regiment where you find yourself unhappy, notwithstanding having the snappiest uniform, or most commendable heritage. Before you reach the Hurst, try to pay a couple of PO visits to different cap-badges, that way you'll get a better feel for where your future lies. You aren't being duplicitous or disloyal in doing this, the Army will get a far better officer in the end, if you are happy with where you are.


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There are many north of Berwick who think that is exactly where Englishmen should be. :p
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