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Discussion in 'Officers' started by itsfantastic, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. I am hopefully off to my RCB briefing fairly shortly, where I hope to get my 1 and be sponsored by a Scottish infantry regiment. I have chosen the regiment in question as I like the heritage and traditions, and they seem to have a fair rugby team, but am concerned I am going to get alot of stick for being English. The recruitment types have all assured me its a none-issue, but I am guessing thats their job. I expect life to be fairly tough in the army regardless, but am I letting myself in for something I would rather not by doing this?
    Also, if I pass everything do I have a prayer of starting RMAS in September or is January the best I could hope for?
  2. I assume its the RS, so being English in their officers' mess shouldn't be a problem - at all. In fact the one or two Scottish officers feel slightly overwhelmed at times!! :twisted:
  3. You do know that whichever Scottish infantry regiment it is, will soon not exist?
  4. Most Officers are English in Scottish Regts - a fine tradition. The rugby team will be manned by fijians, so even if you are tall thin bloke, you won't play. And as RCSignals said, they will not exists soon.

    As for starting Sandhurst in Sept, should be possible. It is, however, the time the keen, ex student types start. January is a good time to start. Gives you the chance to travel, shag birds and grow side burns and a beard before you go to the factory and get to travel to the shite parts of the world at Ma'am's expense! Also, second term exercises are better in the warmth (ish) of summer rather than the freezing English winter.
  5. Oh, and you won't be able to understand the Jocks especially if they are from Glasgow. And drunk.
  6. Go in January - you will go through RMAS with our future King.

    Go in September and look down your nose at that crow in the first term, Wales....
  7. Cheers for all the fine advice, not being a graduate perhaps January would be better. Particularly in light of His Royal Highness' presence and the opportunity to grow facial hair. Is this issue of Scottish Regiments disappearing one I should be worried about? Would they offer sponsorship if there wasn't a projected vacancy available?
  8. Don't worry about sponsorship - you can change your mind at the 'Hurst. You get four choices of Regts when you start and you and they pick the one which will be best for you. A good process and you get to see all Arms and Services on the Arms and Services Day.

    Scottish Regts: From BBC Website

    Am sure the collective Crows Wales will enjoy the 'Hurst. Make sure you beast the future Boss if he is in your Pl.
  9. The Royal Scots and King's Own Scottish Borderers are merging.

    The merged Battalion and the remaining Battalions:
    The Black Watch
    The Highlanders
    The Royal Highland Fusiliers
    The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

    will become one large Regiment.

    The Black Watch (Surrey Highlanders) are off to Belfast for two years.
    The Highlanders are equipped with Warrior and are in Germany.
    The RHF are light role in Cyprus (Episkopi)
    The Argylls are light role with 16 Air Assault Brigade.

    All the lads speak Jockanese whilst all the officers speak English (on the whole). With the new system, inter-Battalion postings will occur, so it will be more akin (in the future) to joining what is now the Scottish Division as a whole.

    Go on the infantry board to get the gen.