English uber alles?



I'm gonna end up in the Home Guard when it all kicks off again!
Sausage munching gits.....
That rifle may be re-issued.
"We would like to keep you", What are we - ******* dogs?
But we could be shrews, small, rather insignificant in the scheme of things, but bloody aggressive if provoked. They learnt that a couple of times in the past. Perhaps they haven't really forgotten.

Of course English should be the language of the world (except perhaps in Bradford!).

English took a long time to evolve, it has over that time absorbed the words and syntax of virtually every civilisation (and uncivilisation) of the world. It deserves to be top dog - it has tried very hard.
English is the language of the brain and culture/intellect.

If spoken loud enough and clear enough it penetrates the walls of foreign ignorance and reveals upon the listener the beauty of the world and spoken word.
I always thought 'Lingua Franca' literally translated as 'French language'. So by extrapolation, despite the best efforts of the Academie Francaise, according to a prominent German, English is the new French language.

Bloody EU!
As has been pointed out before on here, the Germans would like to 'keep us' because we assist them in paying for the rest of the useless sponging wasters. Who then have the temerity to inflict their half-baked, imbecilic ideas on us. We, despite being home to the mother of parliaments, a legal system copied the world over, an inate (although fading) sense of fair play and a proud history of both civility and kicking the whatnot out of people, are forced to listen to and enact the ludicrous whims of our inferiors.


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we should be trying for the two stage EU and split euro except we don't really belong in either camp. we don't grow anything, get no sunshine and our manufacturing base is pretty dire.