English, Scots, Irish Olympic Champions

Three mates, an Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman decide, as they don’t have tickets, to gatecrash the Olympic games. Turned away by security they ponder how to get into the stadium. The Englishman thinks for a while then strips down to his vest and grundies, goes into an adjacent car park and pulls a post out of a security barbed wire entanglement. Waving the post he cons his way in through the competitor’s entrance declaring., “Let me in. I’m the British javelin champion.” Seeing this Jock strips down to his Scott’s porridge oats string vest, his tartan boxers and picking a hubcap up from the same car park cons his way in. “Let me in. I’m the British discus champion.” Not to be outdone, Murphy – for it is he – strips down to his drawers, goes to the same car park and wraps barbed wire around his head around his bare torso and around his legs. Cut and bleeding he presents himself at the competitors gate and announces, “Let me in. I’m the Irish fencing champion.”

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