English Rugby - an obituary!!!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by K80RMG, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. HA! HA! HA! Where are the excuses about the team??? What a laugh I was nearly in tears of laughter watching the United Kingdom of england getting stuffed!
    I take it you havent bought your ticket to the final then :)
  2. Jesus tapdancing Christ. Listen to you lot moaning.

    Try living with a band of assclowns as bad as the WRU leadership for 25 years or so and then we'll talk.
  3. a)The blame rests fairly and squarely on the players and the more immediate management. The "57 old farts" are no longer the force they were and perhaps the PRL high heid-yins are as much to blame as the RFU ones? Turkeys tend not to vote for Christmas though...

    b)There is no comparison between soccer-ball and rugby. There are quite enough English players in the premiership, coming through as well as established - Ashton just chose to pick a bunch of has-beens rather than the younger, fresher and more hungry incomers like Abendanon, Geraghty et al!

    With the largest constituency of players to choose from, England have simply run out of vision and ideas. Ashton was talking about the Samoa game having become a must-win game. Woodward would have fired anyone who thought like that on the spot...every game was a must-win for him. He may be an unlikeable tw4t but you have to admit he knew how to run a campaign alright!
  4. Bin Ashton, if Woodward can't be lured back lure Martin Johnson and give him and / or Woodward a free hand.
  5. Never mind, Rob Andrew is still director of elite rugby
  6. Where the f*ck is the United Kingdom of England you dopey f*ckwit?
  7. Well as England bankrolls the rest of the UK we should maybe rename it as such.

    Lets see how the res tof our fellow Islanders do against the Springboks before we start mourning eh?
  8. Good point. Dont forget the All Blacks. Tempted as I am to go out and buy a rugby jersey for all the team who Scotland will play, I shall refrain for now and concentrate on supporting my team, or whats left of them! Come on Toby Flood, mend the broken chariot and all that.
  9. Bring back the veterans................

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  10. Might be a bit old to be running around with the All Blacks :D
    Seriously though, my purchase of tickets to watch Tonga v England in Paris looked a bit silly, but now, it might be the crunch match! Off to watch AB v Scotland on Sunday as well - should be a good day out for the Neutral!
  11. What?? Switzerland????
  12. Nope me! I'm Canadian.
    Although I am sure any Swiss who are there will enjoy a pint of heavy and a whisky chaser :D
  13. im not a rugby fan but it is nice to see wales and scotland in a world cup
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The second word is "off"

    You are entitled to your opinion, unfortunately ;P