English Patriotic Terrorists

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by re-stilly, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. After watching the news last night and the fact some group in Milton Keynes has invited over that Yank bible basher to speak (Pastor Terry Jones) and this group is only 20-30 members strong.

    How long will it be before some of these "patriotic" groups become terrorist in nature (admittedly the EDL are part way there) and actually start a concerted bombing campaign or some such other attacks.
  2. We already had that C18 nutters nail bombs. Personally I think any active terrorist campaign would echo the bombing campaigns of the IRA & Al Queda and would be a complete own goal for any English "Patriots".
  3. I doubt the "patriotic" groups will become terrorists nor do I believe that the EDL are part way there.

    The UAF, Animal rights groups and muslim extremists are far more extreme and violent.
  4. Agreed.

    A sort of 'We hate you so much we're going to do exactly what you do to show you how much better we are than you'.

    The problem is that there are power mongers out there who will take advantage of the weak-minded and exploit the stupidity to the hilt. As we all know to our costs.
  5. I'd be more than happy to do my patriotic bit and do a John Smeaton on any 'English Terrorists'.
  6. I don't deny that those people are more violent than what is about at current. But the more that people think they are being ignored and they see what they think as there own way of life being threatened by a group of immigrants (rightly or wrongly) then surely the demonstration violence we see at current is only a precursor to more extremes and organised campaigns that will lead to los of life.

    Or are you saying we are far to nice to be involved in anything like that.
  7. Also I imagine the EDL enjoy a degree of support from some members of the self perceived disaffected white working class males. They may not be EDL members, but they might agree with some of their ideology. However if they started a terror campaign, this support would dry up.
  8. I think you are taking the UAF far too seriously. Its funded by trade union beauracracies and MPs looking to shore up the ethnic vote in their constituencies, like the useless idiot Diane Abbot. To them 'Direct action' means trivia like a petition, a vigil, a march, an occupation, but would never extend to a bombing campaign. The H&S reps would get a right strop on for a start.

    The other two groups are already infiltrated with terrorists.
  9. Who's "we"?
  10. fortunatly are far right nutters talk a good talk but thats about all.
    unfortunatly they are quite keen on the leaderless cell of resistance.
    so far apart from the soho nail bomber who may have mental issues. most of the nutters get picked up stockpiling dangerous tat.
    would'nt take much to really cause mayhem but they are all talk.
    things like that keep mi5 bosses awake at night:(
    not saying anything more on the subject as don't really want to give the feeble minded ideas
  11. Nope, patriotic and terrorist just don't go together for me. It's a contradiction in terms. You don't defend Democracy and freedom with lies and violence (as I hope Mr Blair is coming to realise). Yes, this country needs to tighten up its laws and its legal system to protect core British values, but the way to do that IS by petitions, lobbying and peaceful demonstration, not by violent terrorism that only serves to fuel the fires and recruit more extremists on both sides. Look at Iraq if you want to see what patriotic terrorists can do to the people of their own country. AQI and the Shia militias killed far more Iraqis than allied forces did.
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Nice one. That is, my friends, the point.

    'We' is us. Defining 'not we' is the issue.

    'Not we' is anyone who clenches a fist, or puts something into that fist, to resolve an issue. Apart from Crown authorised things, and even then, we're watching.
  13. Not English but wasnt their a spate of firebombing in Wales in the 80's against English people who had brought property in Wales? from memory was the group called something like the "sons of glendower"?

    What about: Ex servicemen - now on civvy street realise that no-one really cares what they have done and where they have been, especially the people who sent them there and decide to put their military training to use against the state.

    Just imagine all the chaos ex army chefs would bring to the food industry, imagine the carnage that would be unleashed by all the ex scalies working as subbies for BT. Coming to a Fredrick Forsyth book near you soon!
  14. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I think that you'll find that Cyril Clunge got there first.

  15. I refer the right honourable gentleman to the DII project.