English Officers in R Irish

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by TrooperG, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Right so a mate of mine wants to join R Irish as a rupert but he's not got a drop of irish blood in him that he knows of! He asked me if this was an issue and wheather or not there are many British Officers/soldiers in the regiment, but to be honest i dont have a f*ckin clue! The reason he's thinking abot it is his grandad was an Inniskilling fusilier so R Irish seems the obvious choice!

    Can anyone shed some light on this? Cheers, Tpr G
  2. My bold. They're all British soldiers, aren't they?
  3. Sorry meant to read english, they are all British yes.
  4. Actually, they're not. Irish and Commonwealth in there too old boy.
  5. Ok sorry again! Can anyone clear this up though?
  6. no they are not all British(some are actually Irish)also South Africans,Fijians and some Scousers!
  7. Of course he can join(they are understrength)
  8. Ok i shall get back to me mate then, cheers all who replied.
  9. I'm not stupid enough to think that they are all 'British' by nationality, I was making the point that as members of the Royal Irish Regiment they are all technically 'British soldiers'.
  10. but he's not got a drop of irish blood in him that he knows of!

    There will be opportunities to exchange bodily fluids when he is a full member of the regiment. :wink:
  11. Im scottish and i was an officer in the R IRISH,
  12. Lots of English officers in 1 R IRISH (even one or 2 Irish ones). As with all Inf Regts they take a pretty wide and eclectic mix. All the best to him.
  13. As long as hes british.
  14. He is british, his great grandad was also English so he tells me! so kinda answered his own question there! Mong!
  15. It does not matter if he is British. There are loads of non-UK passport holders in the Army (and I don't mean the Fijians etc) If he wants to join the R IRISH because of family connections then give him your support/encouragement.