English Oak

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 76mill, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. They had stood there for centuries,that forest of trees. Denuded over the decades to provide an oaken wall against those who would do us harm, their ranks trimmed and coppic'd, they remained solid.
    Season after season passed and yet they remained upstanding. Lovers lingered beneath, carving their devotion skin deep.
    That forest was once the playground of Princes, who hunted the deer and the boar with abandon and glee, and caroused mightily. Badgers were also on the hit list as they mucked up milk production (allegedly). Tales are told of the desperate lawless bands who also made it their home, who at times smelt of the elder berry when in season.

    No one knows when that forest first set root, although Roman records speak of a great expanse of trees as far as a ballista on max charge could be chucked.....

    to be continued-their greatest moment.....
  2. May I be the first to say, what the F*ck??
  3. Lord Nelson awarded a contract for the growing and delivery of oak trees to the Royal Navy. They delivered in 1924. !
  4. C*ck or drunk (or both)

  5. Robin Hood Sherwood Forest - I win :)
  6. A typical May morn in the forest. Spiders webs dappled with dew, birds a calling, badgers legging it......
    But a new noise...a grinding of trucks....a stench of fumes.. this is new, the forest is confused. What is this ?

    All seems well and perhaps harmony is returned?


    A disharmony of clanging Bedford tailgates dropping

    Thumps on the forest floor.

    And then the wailing..

    The oaks remain impassive.
  7. They were dragged forwards then , the whole stinking whimpering bunch. Blair. Brown, TCH, Harman, Straw et al.

    And they were embraced by the oak as they kicked and dangled their last....
  8. What price a crystal ball?
  9. And could I be the second? I must be a bit slow, or have I accidentaly logged on to the Army Bizarre Arboreal Poetry Service?
  10. Why would Nelson as a sea-going admiral order timber? would have thought that was the job of a Comptroller at the the Admiralty. Oak [not straight but deliberately bent] for Warships were grown for centuries in the New Forest as Bucklers Hard was a major man-o-war shipbuilding centre.
  11. You toy with me Sir, with your poetry and wild, wanton imaginings and thoughts and wistful dreams unfulfilled.

    What better use for such stout recorders of the forward march of millenial history than the last, fateful dangling and twitching of surplus and unwanted, nay, hated legs under their broad, sun-glint, verdant green canopies.

    Such a fine, honourable position and brief interlude this would be for a strong, indefatigable English Oak Tree.
  12. This is a very very disturbing prospect.....
    Soldier poetry :roll: .
  13. Not really.

    Alun Lewis and Keith Douglas, Wilfred Owen and others:

    Current Poet Soldiers

    Here Bullet
  14. Ooo...ooo....can I be third? :? 30 seconds of my life I will never get back.