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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MaiYun, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. Hey, I recently become British citizen - mostly because I wanted to join the British army. but there is one thing that really bothers me... because my first language is not English I think that I could be rejected :( I passed my GCAS (1x A and 4x C) and A levels (2x A and 1x A*). my spoken English is quite decent. I would rate it as 7/10 - sometimes I have to explain one thing twice. Can anyone tell me how good my English should be + if people that have English as second language are treated worse?? Thanks
  2. What is your first language and place of birth out of curiosity?
  3. You post is clearer and better written than many by potential recruits with English as a first language. In short, I think you'll be fine, provided you fit the bill in all other respects.
  4. Your qualifications would have to be recognised by the MoD as GCSE C or above in English and maths or equivilant (i.e. Level 2 in National Framework Qualifications). There is a set list of what counts and it is rather limited. If you haven't got this you need to get it by the time you are looking at promotion to Sergeant. I maybe ******* cynical but I think the reason why the list of accepted qualifications is so small is because the MoD get additional funding from elsewhere to get people up to standard. At my current posting there are 2 of us with degrees but because we can't find our GCSE certificates we are having to go through this rigmarole despite being far better qualified than what's required.
  5. It's because despite your degree doesn't mean you have an Level 1 or 2 Numeracy or Literacy level. Yes, it would be hard for you to pass with out, but you get my point.

    If it makes you feel better, I've had to resit my English GCSE too. Not because the Army wanted me to (although that would have been a primer had that rule come in earlier) but because despite my 2.1 degree the Teaching Development Agency ALSO say GCSE in Maths and English (and sciences if you want to be a primary school teacher) at C or above.

    Doesn't matter if you've a first from OxBridge, you need a GCSE as the basic foundation.
  6. well, I got my English and maths passed as C :) My first language is polish ( I was born in Poland as well) - I don't want to fight for the country I was born in... I want to fight for the country I choose which is UK
  7. The annoying thing is that I do have GCSE Cs for both English and maths but I'm buggered if I'm going to pay best part of £200 for replacement certificates. Also, if anybody has done one of the Clerk of Works courses I think you'll soon reason that you wouldn't pass it if you couldn't manage English and Maths at GCSE C grade.
  8. Just be warned the quals from teh Army are City and Guilds, again no use to the TDA and possibly other institutions. Might be worth your time and effort replacing your certs.
  9. English is my mother tongue yet over the years I have experienced difficulty comprehending that is being said by Geordies and Scousers, plus a few others. Scots however, are quite capable of speaking English perfectly clearly when they want to and the Taffs aren't bad at it either. So I suspect the OP will manage just fine most of the time and then be stumped on occasion by some "strange sounding Englishman" or other. Pretty much the same as the rest of us I'd say.
  10. What's more annoying is when you go to the education center and sit the assessment for the Maths and English and get told you've scored too highly so they can't enroll you on the course.
  11. Can you do a re-sit :D
  12. It was tempting but I got fed up trying to work with people who didn't know their own jobs.
  13. How does that leave you for promotion? Everyone Sgt and up has to be at Lvl 2 now don't they? I think you've got t do it on promotion (even if already a Senior) or by 2014 when you will need it prior to promotion to Sgt. Not sure what happens if you are a senor but don't have Lvl 2.

    Failing that see if you can do one with the local college. Use ILC.
  14. Well, there's hopefully going to be a security NVQ course ran soon, which will give me 6 quals including a Security NVQ, my level 2 English and Maths, SIA license and a couple of others I can't recall off the top of my head.

    I had the discussion with the education center about the fact I need the English and Maths, but they were apparently stuck with the rules, I NEED the quals, but they couldn't load me on to the courses as my score on the assessments meant that I didn't need them (if that makes sense). I asked if I could just sit a practice test and then the test for the quals but you have to do the 2 week course.

    If the NVQ doesn't happen it'll be a trip to my new education center and lots of dribbling and scrawling with crayons. However as a mate was told that he couldn't do an OU course whilst serving because he had to have constant contact with OU tutors, and then that they wouldn't allow him to use his ELCs as he couldn't justify doing a Certificate in Higher Education in Computer Science would be of benefit to the service I'm not confident that I'll get a better response.
  15. Maybe they are prioritising thse that need the qual at the moment?

    I think I'd phone a higher ETS person.

    OU (bearing in mind I've been doing it on and off since 1998) is an a instant tick for ILC, not sure about ELC. I last claimed ILC against OU in 2010.

    That's what i was told by the EO (Civviy) who oked my ILC.

    (two 10pts in environment and nuclear power by the way)