English lad in scots guards ???

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by skinnyjoe, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone I'm starting my basic training on the 7th feb for the scots guards and I'm English. I know most of the other lads are probably going to be Scottish and that origionally didn't bother me, but everyone I know who's in the army keep telling me I'm going to get singled out and ripped apart. I just want to know how true this is or if there trying to sh1t me up before I go ? Cheers

  2. It will be hard unless you have thick skin, but nothing to worry about really, a bit of pi55 take etc, they wont eat you for being English.

    Why have you gone jock out of interest?
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Start drinking bucky quick :lol:
  4. Ye I'm expecting all that, I'm not mincing around crapping myself but just wanted a better picture of what I was letting myself in for ha. I'm afraid I don't have a good answer for why I went jocks, probably because they mighnt of had a better poster up in my aco than the duke of lancs ha and I deffo fancied guards anyway and btw what's bucky ?

  5. Im sure johnboyzz will be along soon anyway, hes an ex Porridgewog, and his son is in them now, so he will be a good point of contact for you anyway.
  6. You'll be following an honourable tradition. Good luck with it.
  7. Seconded! If for no other reason, it somehow helps you to understand the harsher accents :p

    On a more serious note, there is nothing to worry about being English in any Scottish regiment. I did just that, and spent 8 or so years with no problems whatsoever. Nobody gets bothered what nationality you are when it comes down to it, more that you can do your job. I too wondered how I would get on, expecting all sorts of crap coming my way, but I couldn't have been further from the truth. I had a great time working with great blokes, and the fact I was from the Southern side of the border was never an issue.

    For the Scots Guards specifically, I have worked with soldiers from that battalion in the past, and although predominately Scottish (kind of obvious), there are a suprising amount of English soldiers across the ranks.

    So long as you can do your job, have a sense of humour and crack on, you wont have any dramas.
  8. An Englishman in the Scots Guards!?! Shocking! Everyone knows that to serve in a Scottish Regiment you should be Fijian!

  9. How very dare you sir, compare the amalgimated jock regts to the Guards?, go away and write out 1000, I will never compare the dross to the true regt. ever again :)
  10. If you rock up saying that, ignore my previous post!!

    It is the favoured tipple of God himself, milked from the breast of a virgin angel.

    That is what to tell your parents, anyway.

    It is in fact an icon of Scottish culture, moreso in most central cities than tartan in that it is seen more often. Mostly swigged whilst wearing a tracksuit, basball cap, reebok classics and either stabbing someone with a 'chib' or simply screaming at passers by- about what exactly? Nobody ever knows...

    Do your homework on the bottle numbers, too :D

  11. And whatever you do, dont ask for some sugar for your porridge.

    Or say, Haggis? wtf is that shite?

    Just a hint
  12. You'll be wasted,far to bright for them...............
  13. A close friend joined a Scottish Reg, he was born in England, his parents were English but from being day old grew up in Scotland, Went to School in Scotland, spoke with a Scottish dialect. He is a very funny and extremely hard and fit individual, yet still he wasn't good enough for them, the bullying was shocking and only stopped after his father had to threaten a law suit against the CO for allowing it to happen.

    Not saying this will be the case for you, but seriously, why risk the hassel? They take their heritage seriously and as an Englishman you aren't part of that. Once you have had enough of being picked on and sh@t on for being English you will no doubt transfer at which point you will perhaps wonder why you let yourself get talked into such a silly idea by a recruiter trying to meet targets.
  14. Used to been loads of english in the 1st Bn Scots Guards mainly from the Carlisle area.
  15. This is more like what if been hearing about. It's too late to be changing now (oath sworn etc) I suppose I'm just going to have to hope it won't happen to me and give it a go!