English Icons and Hunting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mushroom, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. Todays Bellylaugh reports (someone with IT skills should be able to link) that Icons Online, a taxpayer funded organisation, is to nominate Foxhunting and the Ban as English icons.

    One really couldn't make it up.
  2. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Whilst the Icons program is yet another example of the this Government's (I use the loosely!) ability to fritter away millions of hard earned quid, hunting is a national icon. Hunting scenes adorn millions of Christmas cards each year. Hunting is part of the national rural fabric of our sceptred isle.

    Rent a mob thugs in balaclavas do not adorn Christmas cards and could not, under any circumstances be considered representative of England and all that is good about our country!
  3. if you read this months field- there is the lacs chairman who has 'converted' and is not pro hunt!!!!!!
    victory is near!!!!!!
  4. Who says an icon has to be good though? Surely it should be a true representation of what Britain stands for, and unfortunately at this moment in time even I'm struggling to see anything good we have to offer the future generations. What I find stupid is that this is the same government who are systematically weakening any British flavoured culture in a quest for a more multi cultural friendly country... Maybe what should be nominated is the fickle government and how with every decision they make they are alienating the very people that put them there.
  5. This is one of the many reasons my family and I moved to SA.

    This Government stinks and is taking the country down into the bog with it.

    The hunting ban has achieved nothing and will not stop people from enjoying the countryside as they see fit.
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    It was inevitable of course that the Party Faithful in DCMS could not bear to see "Foxhunting" appear as an Icon (as was on the original website vote) but had to add in "The Ban" as well, just to satisfy their pathetic politically correct sensibilities.

  7. Check out this one tho' - quite a good point Timesonline
  8. Reads well! :lol:
  9. First point: Bollocks. I was brought up in "the countryside" as in Alliance, and I've never seen a hunt in the wild. (I don't think there are many in the Dales)

    Second point: True, though. Both hunting and the ban ought to be counted as national icons. I've long thought that every nation has at least one issue everyone thinks is vital, but no-one anywhere else in the world can understand, still less understand why. Fox-hunting is ours. Guns for the yanks.
  10. EFP

    I too have lived in the Dales since I was 9 (apart from my service) and like You, have never seen a hunt in action.

    Whereabouts are You - I'm at the Gateway to the Dales
  11. Prune what are you saying balls to, Hunting or Political Correctness gone mad!

    My original point was that a Govt funded body set up to log British icons had strong support for naming Hunting as one. This is not unreasonable as one only has to look at the number of country pubs (those not taken over by some ghastly chain and 'countrified' by some marketing twonk) that are adorned with hunting prints. Various surveys have shown that foreigners regard foxhunting as quintessentialy English, it is to them a symbol of this country. This organisation then decided to include not only hunting, but also the anti hunting mob as part of that icon. If the antis wanted to gain iconic status then perhaps they should start a campaign for it. By including antis in the icon status this body is making an untrue but politically correct statement. Would you be happy if the RAF and the 'Few' were given icon status to find that CND had been included? I think not

    I doubt whether many people would regard the issue of foxhunting as vital to the nation. The arguments for an against have been well recorded on this site and elsewhere. The issue of banning it and they way in which it was banned is vital to any right thinking person. We have a Government (if that is the word for that sad collection of chancers and trough snouters who rule us so ineptly) that was prepared to spend 500 hours of parliamentary time stopping toffs from enjoying themselves on horses but only 12 hours on its child protection bill, and even then had to use the Parliament act to manage it. The bill itself is so badly drafted and so full of holes that it is practically unworkable. What are we doing paying the huge salaries we do to theses people so they can come up with such nonsense.

    I too was brought up in the country not far from the Dales and until this so called Govt started shouting about it (Blair throwing a bone to his dogs to keep them happy) had rarely seen a hunt. I went along to a meet in order to find out what the fuss was all about, and was very pleasantly surprised, but then my local hunt is a very unfashionable farmers hunt. I even went to some Countryside Alliance meetings and whilst I found the speakers awfully boring the wide range of people gave me some hope for the future. At least I went along and found out about the issues.
  12. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Not practically unworkable Mushroom, completely unworkable!

    Bloody well said that man.