English girl barred from Government job

Link to alleged outrage would be usefull
No comment, although I'm sure she could find a job modelling for Grattons catalogue.
And there I was thinking people might be slightly disappointed with the way things are working out in this country when an English person is not even allowed to apply for a job in England due to being English.
Easy, she should sue now, she has more than enough grounds.

Sh1t like this only happens because people (usually White English) are too mild mannered to use the law in the same way as the fanatics.

She has already got it in the Mail so I suspect she has a happy ending in sight.
This is what makes me want to give up with this country and sod off to another country. Not Wales, Scotland or NI!


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So they were looking for minorities to apply and someone white and english (i.e not a minority) isn't eligible for the job?

Shocking :roll:

More faux outrage from the Daily Heil.
Sorry, but this story reeks of Daily Mail bull$hit. A pretty English girl with amazing tits gets turned down for a job because she's English...it's all too perfect a story. A gift for the Daily Mail, almost too good to be true.

That's why I'll call BS on this one.
When you get into power are you going to sort these bureaucratic cnuts out or the 18 year old? Decisions!
A wee bit racist if you ask me. This country shows more respect to foreigners
All she has to do is claim she is being discriminated against because she is Lesbian or Bi Sexual :wink:
Ok lighting research reveals:

Race Relation Act 2000:

71. - (1) Every body or other person specified in Schedule 1A or of a description falling within that Schedule shall, in carrying out its functions, have due regard to the need-

(a) to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination; and

(b) to promote equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups.
And the CRE's take on it:

The Race Relations Act does not allow positive discrimination or affirmative action - in other words, an employer cannot try to change the balance of the workforce by selecting someone mainly because she or he is from a particular racial group. This would be discrimination on racial grounds, and unlawful.

However, employers and others can take positive action to prevent discrimination, or to overcome past discrimination. Where over the previous twelve months no-one from a particular racial group, or only very few persons from that racial group, have been doing a certain type of work then it is lawful to offer training only for people from that racial group or to encourage people from that racial group to apply.
I think someone's trying to be clever with words here. Also how do you define 'training'? They should have left it well alone instead of stirring up a hornets nest. Fools.

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