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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by is_engr_supremo, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. Most of you must have heard a few army sayings by now. Maybe even created a few for yourselves.

    This is your chance to put them down.

    Along the lines of:

    "Nicht zuviel Polizei" = Not much cop.
    "Im moment zuruck auf dem pferdestelle" = Meanwhile back at the ranch.

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  2. Es ist ein blondes Polizist, aber Gesellschaft verschulden.

    It's a fair cop, but society's to blame.
  3. Blonde genug-fair enough

    Es ist ein blonde politzei mien herr - it's a fair cop guv

    Kartofell tschuss - tatty bye

    Naafi bremze - Naafi break

    Alles uber der kaufhalle - all over the shop

    edited to add

    Fick meine alter steifeln - fcuk my old boots
  4. Rind fleish vorhanger - beef curtain
    drei stuck bonbon - 3 piece suite
  5. Autoschlüsselhosen = Car key(Khaki)trousers.

    Fluglinksuntermieter = Flight Left Tenant.
  6. We used to use...

    Stadtfest Politzi Burgermeister = "Fair cop governer"


    Krank wie ein Papagi = "Sick as a parrot"
  7. Meine Flippenfloppenwerks sind kaput = My windscreen wipers don't work.

    And who can forget that getting married is like entering into a gemeinschaft.

    edited 'cos I forgot the precise phrase.
  8. BAOR standard boxhead thats all I learnt.

    1. Eine grossa beire bitter.

    2. Vas costenze bitter.

    3. Ficken auf pimmel kofpt

    Please note all spelling is as near as damn it as I remember it being said.

    Regards LT.
  9. A genuine sentence: Meine Blinklicht blinkt nicht = My indicator doesn't flash.

    Not very funny, but try saying it!
  10. Heilige scheisse, fledermaus mann!

    Holy sh*t, batman
  11. For the Older members


    Barrack Dress Trousers
  12. Ausgang Herren Way out Man
  13. Northern_Biff

    Northern_Biff On ROPs

    zhen Fier, Gummi Ente

    Ten Four, Rubber Duck.
  14. Northern_Biff

    Northern_Biff On ROPs

    Du bis ein laff gehaben

    You're having a laugh
  15. "Zwei ficken richt Burgermeister" - Too fcuking right Squire!