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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by is_engr_supremo, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. Most of you must have heard a few army sayings by now. Maybe even created a few for yourselves.

    This is your chance to put them down.

    Along the lines of:

    "Nicht zuviel Polizei" = Not much cop.
    "Im moment zuruck auf dem pferdestelle" = Meanwhile back at the ranch.

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  2. Es ist ein blondes Polizist, aber Gesellschaft verschulden.

    It's a fair cop, but society's to blame.
  3. Blonde genug-fair enough

    Es ist ein blonde politzei mien herr - it's a fair cop guv

    Kartofell tschuss - tatty bye

    Naafi bremze - Naafi break

    Alles uber der kaufhalle - all over the shop

    edited to add

    Fick meine alter steifeln - fcuk my old boots
  4. Rind fleish vorhanger - beef curtain
    drei stuck bonbon - 3 piece suite
  5. Autoschlüsselhosen = Car key(Khaki)trousers.

    Fluglinksuntermieter = Flight Left Tenant.
  6. We used to use...

    Stadtfest Politzi Burgermeister = "Fair cop governer"


    Krank wie ein Papagi = "Sick as a parrot"
  7. Meine Flippenfloppenwerks sind kaput = My windscreen wipers don't work.

    And who can forget that getting married is like entering into a gemeinschaft.

    edited 'cos I forgot the precise phrase.
  8. BAOR standard boxhead thats all I learnt.

    1. Eine grossa beire bitter.

    2. Vas costenze bitter.

    3. Ficken auf pimmel kofpt

    Please note all spelling is as near as damn it as I remember it being said.

    Regards LT.
  9. A genuine sentence: Meine Blinklicht blinkt nicht = My indicator doesn't flash.

    Not very funny, but try saying it!
  10. Heilige scheisse, fledermaus mann!

    Holy sh*t, batman
  11. For the Older members


    Barrack Dress Trousers
  12. Ausgang Herren Way out Man
  13. zhen Fier, Gummi Ente

    Ten Four, Rubber Duck.
  14. Du bis ein laff gehaben

    You're having a laugh
  15. "Zwei ficken richt Burgermeister" - Too fcuking right Squire!