English Gents....

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Jokes' started by uncle_vanya, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. "Why are you taking so long to-night?" asked her ladyship.
    "Sorry I’m trying, desperately dahling", he said, "but I can’t think of anyone.

    Why do British Bulldogs have flat faces?
    From chasing parked cars.

    "I say old boy, who is Fonsonby talking to?
    "He’s talking to himself"
    "Then why is he shouting?"
    "He’s deaf"

    Legend has it that there was once an English nymphomaniac who had to have it every six months.
  2. Vinnie Groans......
  3. I swear your the dullest cunt ever to walk this earth.
  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I knew a girl like that once.